How to Swing Trade Stocks with Michele aka Offshorehunter

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Quantum Ad Ventures Inc. says:

Thank you…I am inspired.

Investors Live says:

How to Swing Trade Stocks (Interview with Michele from Trade on the Fly)

Pieter Schulte says:

Very interesting video! I wish Youtube had more quality videos about trading.

Rizzoknows says:

When's the dvd come out

Sash Bjelica says:

Where can I see her verified trades?

Ramil Zaripov says:

Hi! Can you please provide the link to signup for the swing trade service. Thanks!

chewls1133 says:

I found myself distracted by the beautiful pictures and losing focus on the commentary.  Took me almost twice as long to watch the full video ;-)

Koho Salmon says:

Fantastic Interview about Trading with fishing and horses , It doesn't get any better than that .  Epic

W. H. Wong says:

Inspiring! There is no excuse that trading is a guy's thing.

theeconomist100 says:

great interview.

William Williams says:

This was very interesting.  I'd like to be on the waiting list for the DVD.  Thanks.

bidbuytom says:

Fantastic. Thank you for sharing this interview. Michele, add me to the waiting list for your DVD. 

Matthew Coleman says:

good stuff as always 

Investors Underground says:

Interview with Offshorehunter !
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