How To Swing Trade Video- Stock Chart Analysis

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Since 2002, we have been sharing our top-rated, “no nonsense” ETF and stock trading strategy with thousands of swing traders around the world. Our simple, short-term trading system is conservative and rule-based, yet consistently effective and profitable.

Overall, our trading methodology is based on profiting from the momentum of small and mid-cap growth stocks (not penny stocks) and ETFs breaking out above tight ranges of price consolidation on increasing volume. Trade candidates must also be exhibiting clear relative strength to the broad market and meet several other basic technical filters. Average holding period of our swing trades ranges from 1 to 5 weeks (depending on market conditions). We use common chart patterns and basic technical analysis indicators (volume, support/resistance levels, moving averages, trendlines) to determine the most ideal, predetermined entry and exit points.


Khôngyeu Lannua says:

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Amy Atrade says:

Hi nice video. You can also check out my daily newsletter with swing chart setups at

MorpheusTrading says:

Sorry about the delayed reply. Somehow I missed your comment until just now.

I usually use the S&P 500 because it is a diverse index. However, if trading Nasdaq stocks, I will sometimes use the Nasdaq Composite for comparison instead. So, you are correct in your idea.

Thanks for the comment.

Pipthagoras says:

Would you always use the S&P 500 to gauge the overall market trend, or would you sometimes use the sector average (i.e. Technology) if only looking at stocks withing that sector?

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