How To Track Data For Penny Stocks – TRADING EXCEL TEMPLATE

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Tracking data changed my penny stock trading journey within a mere few weeks. Data can give you the edge over the 90% of traders who fail in penny stocks. The LWT Trading Excel Template lets you quickly get into tracking your own data skipping the mindless hours of learning how to add formula’s. LWT Trading offers a unique learning experience, where you can learn patterns and how other established traders master penny stocks. Each of the traders in the room will also tell you to track your own data and iron our your flaws in your own trading style. Nobody is perfect right of the bat, finding your weakness can very quickly become a strength when trading penny stocks. LWT TRADING chatroom has come leaps and bounds from this excel alone…
If you want to buy this excel and track your own data drop us and email or join the chatroom and down loads it in the downloads section. If you wish to buy via pay-pal it is $75

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Arthur Wellesley says:

I got the excel its amazing

Quân Anh Lê says:

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Tri Nguyen says:

Great room to help beginners! Thank you so much! LWT Excel

Barry Adair says:

Great room and great video man.

Audrius A says:

Congrats on your achievement as a trader, and I'm happy to see your community growing. Roscoe is extreemly friendly guy, always gives advices and shares educational info, great place for all caliber traders, especially the begginers. Cheers!

Darkdoomed says:


Cossmar Miron says:

Looks very nice!!!


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