How To Trade A Small Robinhood Account In 2020 – Stock & Options Trading For Beginners

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Going over some Robinhood strategy and tips to help you guys understand how to trade a small robinhood account in 2020! With the stock market being volatile at the beginning of this year it is offering a lot of opportunity for big gains trading options. However a lot of beginner traders and people new to stock trading think they don’t have enough money to invest or that prices are too high. The problem isn’t the size of your robinhood account, but how you use it. I go over 3 robinhood tips to understand how to trade options successfully with a little amount of money. Those 3 tips are simply trade small and keep the budgets small. Don’t focus on how much to start trading with but make a plan to consistently save and allocate to your robinhood. Then finally not scaling up after a big win and increasing the amount of trades as well as position size. Following these 3 simple steps you should have a better chance of growing a small Robinhood account especially with all the moves we are seeing in the 2020 stock market! Also always invest in a long term account and get some dividend stocks with the options profit! Hope this helps and if you have any questions post them below as well as your trading journey!

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kevin vo says:

Where can I get your music ? Shits fire ! Thank for putting your videos together for us. Crazy opportunity

colliar weber says:

I was privileged to have a lunc h date with a popular youtuber and he told me a story of how he made his first $500,000 within 3 months by investing a capital of $200,000. investing is undoubtedly the easiest a ccess to wealth and early retirement.

Aim-for-greatn3z says:

I hope the cult bought the dip on friday bought 291 call on the SPY. 1 contract @6.83 at close its currently @8.40 up 22.9% $157 profit.
Also bought INTC calls into earning 54 calls @2.32 each 5 contracts now they are @3.18 $430 up 37%.
Let hope money we stay green since the market went up and closed green on friday.

Also I'm still a beginner only doing naked calls or puts as day trades,
I need to learn this "ghetto spread"😥😥😥 so I could increase my options strategies

PlayBoyRoninSpartan Ronen says:

I am part of a cult 😁

Ed's Auto Help & More says:

Spurted my robinhood account 3 weeks ago with a $100 then watching your live streams Monday through Friday I am up to 281 I have no previous experience in the stock market thank you very much for your videos cannot wait to learn more God-bless see you Monday at the live stream

WestCoast Gamer says:

I blew up a margin account this week. back to options -_-

Bonnie Whittington says:

Hey any chance you could do a video on how you setup the thinkorswim platform to look like yours? I'm looking for the high low ticker and I'm not having any luck.

Daniel Westereng says:

Great Video and Great Advice Josh Thank You!
I plan on using a credit spread for each of my Long Term Holdings.
Next goal: Save up cash for the collateral for each of these.
It wil be worth it!!!!

Sleepy Software says:

00:01 🔥 One of my favorite rules if you get in the money great take profits unless you are comfortable with risk(low risk .20 or less scratch off if you will..) If it does blow past your strk awesome you hit a banger take profits there will be another. Have had .30 dollar contracts make a thousand in profits held and expired otm. …Apple🙄. 😂
oh and you are wrong until the market proves you right.

HazingNight says:

I did a ton of research on options before jumping in. I started out with 420 on the 14th of January. My account is now iver 7k. This channel is a big part of my success. Watch the stream to keep up with news (the days i didnt watch i ended up losing a couple thousand) use your plays as a reference. Sometimes use the same ones but most of the time use them as guidelines. Always keep up with the watch list. Have charts up for tracking trends. Use my phone for robinhood, i rarely have more than 2k in options and that was my biggest change that saved me. As my account grew i kept trying to have have all of my money tied up trying to force plays. Once i stopped doing that my success grew. I have about 1.5k in stocks, 2k in options. Maybe less. And about 3500 in buying power. Patience is key, dont force the plays, let them come to you. Secure those profits, and get back in with a smaller amount to avoid losing your ass.

Silver Single says:

I think this is the slowest that I have heard you talk on any of your videos. Thanks for all of the knowledge! Been tuning into the live stream everyday for about 4 months now and love it. Let’s GOOOOO!!

Gregory Jules says:

This was really good advice Josh for anyone new to trading. Excellent layout and excellent points on the important aspects of building not only a small account, but any account.

Matt Niemynski says:

11:00 is very important !! don’t sleep on credit spreads.

Tee Fia says:

Yup… Out of 5 small plays i had 1 pay for all of them. Then the other 4 were free so any profit were pure profit. I love how you do it bro. Amen

John Martineau says:

Anytime I deposit 100 and get gains like that I take profits and invest in long term stocks lock in your profits let your profits grow in growth stocks and keep trying to make those $100 plays baby

Julie Seiger says:

thanks for the video – broughton is not a word

Jeremy Barr says:

If your not having any success trading take a step back and watch his videos on credit spreads,it has taking my small account that I nearly blew up and changed everything for me I’ve been doing credit spreads only for two months now but it’s been a game changer for me.Learn and listen what he has to say it definitely worked for me.

John Barcelona says:

This vid is awesome! Thanks so much!

BeasterJonny says:

What a week. Profit on Monday but lost it right away the following day with red all week. Friday was my saving grace, TSLA credit spread, and only 2 spy puts. Ive have good luck with Credit Spreads with the probability of profit much higher, but hitting those home runs on plays gives a feeling that doesn't compare to much at all.

Account is higher than ever and my position size does not change!!! Took a big hit on DIS calls and held through earnings and lost all profit plus the premium I paid. What a learning experience that was.

The CULT is something else. I thought it was something dumb and gimmicky, but I gave you and your community a chance and by far it has been one of the best experiences Ive had. The knowledge you offer from a Micro and Macro viewpoint is unmatched(future econ major). Ive easily learned more from you and the CULT than any other community.

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