How to Trade a STOCK MARKET CRASH and CORRECTION? | Robinhood APP Investing

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Follow my progress as I dive head first into investing, while trying not to lose it all!!

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Please note I am not a market professional. I am not responsible for any trading losses that may be experienced by following my wayward lead, in fact I recommend you don’t follow my lead. 🙂 Have fun and happy trading.


Johnny Banana says:

Which stocks currently in your portfolio will you be selling off and holding as cash?

bob murison says:

What's your thoughts on amzn? Is the current price to high to get in at?

Modder says:

Already withdrew more than half of what I've invested, waiting for when another crash or correction happens. Not if..when

Zack 370z says:

I just sold all my stocks and bought all SPHD shares. I have a stop loss at $39. I believe a correction is very near. The Nasdaq is starting to show it.

Vinny K says:

What is your opinion on CEFs during a crash? I've heard pretty safe but still new to markets so don't know what to expect during a crash.

zcyanyde says:

Not sure if youve made a vid on this but can i get some good ETFs to look at. That's my next investment sector

Frank Lemonakis says:

When a correction occurs, I feel the best strategy is to hold ( not sell ) your stocks. If they are strong names with all the fundamentals, hold your positions and keep a 15 to 25 % cash reserve to buy more of the ones with the market cap to grow and magnify your gains in the future.

Min Young Kim says:

Yeahhh you can't time the stock market thats like beginner rules

Min Young Kim says:

Is it still dollar cost averaging if i buy only 1 voo stock a month? Cus the number of shares i buy didnt change, only average price

Jameson Foge says:

I've been shorting the market for quite some time now. About time a correction is coming. More money for me!!
Any of these babies have been making me good money last couple of months.

Dago De La Rosa says:

can you do a video explaining the info on a robinhood statement?

1blackburn2 says:

how do you know the dates for dividends? thanks!


what you think about FORD CEO selling I think all his shares off??????????

Hidden Unknown says:

If you were starting all over could you tell us how you would start and how many would
You buy? What would you keep investing in and would it be through both your paycheck and dividends? How much a month would you put in to grow your portfolio??

Hidden Unknown says:

Would you recommend buying in VOO or voog now???

Frank Lemonakis says:

Holding my stocks through this next quarter and keeping a close eye on trends so as not to be surprised by a correction. But I do maintain a few thousand in cash to buy when it does happen. P/E ratio, trading volume and of course price are what I look at when deciding to but or sell. Got lucky and bought on the dip with Cara and gwph just before they jumped today. Double digit gains on both

Army Mike says:

Thanks for the videos. Always very informative!

Internet Expl says:

Do u recommend any books on trading?

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