How to Trade Area Gaps with Options Real Example on Google Stock

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The Gap Method – An Introduction to the Gap Gameplan

How to Trade Area Gaps – Breakdown:

When it comes to area gaps, the standard close criterion is the gap filling. A gap can continue moving in the same direction that caused the fill after the fill, however, which leads to the question of whether to continue holding. Interestingly enough, the answer is simple: Ask yourself whether you would open a different (not gap-based) trade for the stock after the fill.

You can see my personal method, which is a combination of fundamental metrics and technical indicators. If you have had a successful area gap trade continue moving well after you’ve closed, causing regret, this method can be your saving grace next time. I want to end with a challenge for you: The next time you see your area gap fill, run the analysis I provide in this video and determine whether to continue holding.

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Tahir Yamin says:

Thanks for giving me new learning. Before your article on Seeking Alpha, I never knew about gap trading.
Still learning gap trading on all your method.

Benny B says:

i havent heard from you in a while no videos i hope everything is ok bro?

erbaltea says:

Have you heard of Alpaca Scan?

Ol A says:

It worked out as you expected!
I wonder why there are dislikes for this strategy =(

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