How to Trade Bonds

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Watch Arun call the absolute low in Treasury Yields well in advance of the entire market by combining behavioral and technical analysis. This trade ended up becoming one of the biggest themes in financial markets over the following 6 months, giving members numerous ways to profit by being ahead of the crowd.

======= Fusion Point Capital is an active investing and trading service. We offer two products, ‘Market Intelligence’, a macro based trading service and ‘Fusion Point Trading’. Fusion Point Trading features single stock scans such as “Rocket Stocks”, “Top Stocks”, “Short Squeezes” and more. Scans are hybrid trading strategies and members have direct access to all lists.


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Fusion Point Scans:

A unique and innovative way of combining Fundamentals, Technicals, and Behavioral Finance to create over 8 strategies in easily accessible lists. Here you will find ‘Rocket Stocks’, ‘Top Stocks’, ‘Short Squeezes’, ‘Buybacks’ and more.

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