How to Trade Confidently with the Gartley Pattern

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Joshua Martinez is back with another Trading Hack!

In this video, Joshua explains how to identify and use the Gartley Pattern in your Forex trading strategy.

To see how it’s applied in the live market during one of his upcoming workshops ➡️


Joe A says:

Yes Josh show the fibs and how to determine to find the a-b-c-d trend compared to the A-B-C-D trends

2009gyne says:

I just recently signed up for your ultimate trading package and would love to see a video on applying fibs for the Cap and sub ABCDs.

Esti Allina-Turnauer says:

The Gartley refers to the B -> C movement according to what you said here, but it's unclear how that helps us know when that short term move is over and it's time to buy to the D extension. Would you please clarify, Josh? Thanks.

Helen Neate says:

Awesome video ?

Pemba Dorje Lopchan says:

yeah me too.. I'm confused. . :p

Jack Tidwell says:

Josh, I paused it to go to the bath room. Then I came back and it was over.
You're just teasing right? Or maybe you had to go to the bathroom too.

TradeMgmt says:

Good explanation of where and why to use the Gartley, but I was shocked when the video ended because the Gartley formation itself was never drawn out or explained. I'd like you to explain what it looks like…how you know what you're looking at is a Gartley, and what to do (or expect) next when it appears. Nicely done video as far as it goes, but for me it was like the old hamburger tv commercial…it was missing the "beef."

Anderson Fernandes says:

Thank you for the explanation. Very interesting!

Amit Sondhi says:

Sorry joshua there was very confusion in your teaching. I couldn't understand anything.

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