How to trade Emini futures Pt 1 – Advantages & Disadvantages

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How to trade Emini futures Pt 1 – Advantages & Disadvantages of emini futures.

This is a new video series that we have begun to explain to you everything you need to know about how to trade emini futures. IN this first video we are going to explain the advantages and disadvantages of trading emini futures.

There are a ton of markets to trade out there and ensuring that we choose the right one is paramount to becoming successful.

Choose a market that is too complicated and it may be harder to learn. Choose a market that is smooth and is easier to learn while focusing on one market as well… and you have much higher chances of success.

This is obviously one of the advantages of trading emini futures the simple fact that its a much easier market to learn on. Learning how to trade emini futures can be one of the best things that you decide to do.

One major thing I would like to point out that is highlighted in the video is the simple fact that with the E-mini Futures markets there is no homework that is needed to be done like stocks and Forex. We just open our computers and start trading since we only trade one market and are able to maximize our profits in that one market in just one or two hours a day.

Learning how to trade emini futures is one of the best markets to trade for another reason, leverage. Leverage is where we are able to make $50 or more for every dollar when the market goes in our favor. Compare this with other markets where we have to borrow money in order to have the same kind of leverage.

We hope you enjoy the first video in the series on how to trade E-mini Futures complete with all of the advantages of emini futures and also the emini futures disadvantages.

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Daniel Kayumov says:

can make 12.50 per tick.

Jon Chan says:

In stocks they have a T+3 settlement rule what is the settlement period for a future contract? Do I have access to money right away when I sell my position?

Micah Parsons says:

Hello Marcello,
I'm located in Texas in the US. What's the best way to start learning your system? Do you offer and online courses? I remember you stating in one of your videos that you had a Canadian that watched your recorded videos to learn. I am new to trading and your method sounds like actually learning to fish rather than being given a fish by one of these indicator subscriptions. I've clicked the getting started link and studying the 44 page pdf. Thanks, Micah

Brutus Empire says:

any trading centers in NJ or NY??

Matthew B says:

non americans have to pay that particular tax??

Rvoel777 says:

I don't understand why the futures don't need to be researched and you can just go straight to trade. Can you explain this concept?

Let's Play Movies says:

Why do you use the therm "day trading"? Is there an other style of trading?

joeproblo says:

can I trade emini futures from Canada?

Iudi Guerra says:

Very interesting. I am a Brazilian-American business admin student also working full time as an admin assistant with a lot of spare time in the office. Will look into e mini futures and I am interested in learning your strategies. Subscribed and will try to gain as much info possible and am waiting for part 2. Thanks for the info!

KayvanChan says:

Hola Marcello!!

La cantidad mínima para operar el Emini son 500$ pero tengo entendido que la plataforma de trading es de pago (ninja)…es cierto?Existe alguna gratuita?

Gracias por el vídeo!!

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