How to Trade Gaps & ADX Momentum Breakouts

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Ken Calhoun will show you how to trade new stock swing trading gap & breakout patterns for 2017’s markets. You will learn practical, step-by-step patterns to use when trading gap and breakout entries with candle charts, and how to find and manage your trade entries from start to finish.

In this fast-paced session, you will learn how to:

• Find the best-moving swing trading breakout charts to trade
• Avoid false breakouts with the use of volume & candlestick patterns
• Set your entries for trading gap continuations for multi-day swing trades
• Using ADX and “Acceleration Ramps” to time your entries
• Time your exits to avoid large stops and missed profits


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Jonathon McBrine says:

I've been told that trading doji below an hour time frame is not the best?

ajnaughtin1 says:

Great content. Thank you.

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