How to trade Gaps and Manage losses #40

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This is an educational webinar we did for TheForexFamily. We go over what are GAPS, why do gaps happen. What to look for when there is a gap. Do zones matter when there are gaps ? All these questions are answered.

We also go over how to analyse losses. If you take losses, what to do that it does not happen again. The key is to look at the loss in way that how could you have taken the opposite trade.

Overall, I think its a very valuable webinar. It is for educational purposes ONLY.

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jartturi says:

♥️this IS so good.thank you.

Chris Finly says:

oh man why haha

barrysheenfry says:

double penetration lol

Jackgame says:

Why i bought your DVD if your are sharing the DVD videos for free? :/

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