How To Trade Gaps Like A Pro (Original English Version)

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Muhammad Jamil says:

You r super good sir. I love that teaching methods.

Shivaram L says:

Simply the best !! the most clear explanation.

suresh natarajan says:

Is it possible in India

Tomatoes Mango says:

Great info.Will be great if u give percentage for position 1,2 and 3.Say 10,15,20 % GAP!

Hari Chittakkadan says:

Thanks Oliver sir. Great lesson. I have one or two questions. Me trading in India. One doubt is that whether this strategy applicable in Index futures. Me generally trading in Nifty and Bank Nifty futures. Second thing is you said when open first and second gap up, buy above strong green candle or buy above red candle. How can we buy above red candle because candle is coming down after opening? Me generally use 5 minute candle. It's my pleasure your feedback.

Sudip Haldar says:

# Oliver Velez Sir , how to join your self start program in INDIA ?


Sir,can i trade with 5 minutes time frame also ?


Sir,i am from india,fan of u

helena bankok says:

what a great man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aalaaala2010 says:

" what you give to others , you get back," a quote by GMCKS. The OV you are the divine being on the earth with divine purpose…. I salute the divinity with in you. Atma Namaste.

rama says:

Iam a fan of you sir.

rama says:

Your analysis is very Acuracy sir, lot of information Iam gaining through you sir.

Sahu says:

Dear ov Quality of your trading is extremely good but the quality of your video in youtube is not that good …it is only 480p Can you please consider to upload it in HD Quality…

Vikas ramnani says:

God bless you sir…🙏 You are truly a legend ..thank you for teaching us…

subhendu biswas says:

splendid Sir !!!

Anon876 says:


Luis Felipe Urbaneja says:

what to do with premarket data?

Yogesh Sharma says:

So many comments from India .. modi me sbko nanga Kar dia hai trading hi bcha hai

Boundless Flyer says:

That's really great, it's going to help so many traders including me. Thank you sir❤️🙏

thoram ram says:

hi oliver, thanks for your great lessons, your tactics. the way you convey it comes to me as sincere.
This great option to join you is just a little too early for me, for as a few months ago I joined another trading platform, while using your tactics, and scouring the internet to apply it. the way I trade now is pure risk management, but still make too many emotional mistakes. I will follow you, and join you on the next offer. since i want to focus on one platform.
Oliver bless you, and continue your beautiful work, see you soon.

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