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This video takes a look at gaps and how to trade them. Here are the key points:

1. Gaps are when the price of the open candle is different than the close price of the preceding candle
2. Novice gaps are when price gaps in the direction of the intraday trend preceding the gap. Novice gaps are expected to fill quickly.
3. Pro gaps are when price gaps in the opposite direction of the intraday trend. Pro gaps can take longer to fill, and may signal smart money reversing the trend.
4. Gaps occur almost every weekend in the forex market on multiple pairs.

For more on gaps, see DREBG’s course:

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Jay Towie says:

A strategy that my friend discovered and I am also now doing well with is Bullpips. Check out google for "bullpips" to see what I mean. It is simple but finds trend continuations and reversals well.

Ahsan Ali says:

amer sona dekhao tumi

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