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Hey Fam, Here’s a video on my new gold strategy! This strategy will show you how to trade gold in forex. I share my gold analysis and explain my thought process behind the gold trades. Thanks for watching. If you vibes with this video join the Family and subscribe. Also smash the thumbs up.

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MoreHarrisonUwah says:

Thanks for watching Fam! Remember to subscribe for more content like this!

Mary Ricketts says:

What's your average risk:reward per trade and strike/win rate?


I joined yhe gold rush late and lost a lot of money when will you be sble to post about it when it goes up or how long do you think it will take till it goes up?

Jennifer Nicholson says:

Why does IML shit out so many con men like Harrison, jeremy cash, jay profits and many more who follow the same blueprint to get newbies money. You guys are a disgrace to the black community.Every slime ball that gets shitted out of IML cannot trade they just make money from getting newbies who are clueless to sign up with them posting videos like this every week to attract them in and make them think '' hey if I just pay this douchbag harrison money maybe I can trade like him like in his videos'' not realising that the newbies are just getting conned out their money. and making fake gurus like this idiot and many more copies of the IML losers richers. NEWBIES do not give this fool a single penny

Hunter Roman says:

Appreciate this bro, keep making gold videos real shit 💯💯

Briam Alex says:

Gold giving buys like crazy😂👌🏼

Lesson says:

Man your breakdowns are really great. I have had problems with adding another position. If you can do more vids on adding another entry that would be super. Cant wait till next team shares come out. Peace

marika blackmon says:

Just found your channel today subscribed 🔥🔥🔥

Just simple says:

came here before 1k views, my first time 🔥🔥😊

J Suave says:

My guy 🔥🔥

Kufre Inyang says:

Should I trade on the lower time frames only ?

KingzVent says:

AYeeeeeeee I love your videos man keep it up

Slovak Gaming says:

ive started to do what u do amd go in the trade straight wen it hits instead of wait for a bullish candle and i can tell u i am way more profitable🤑🤑

Grindmode 321 says:

Love the vids, real helpful

Rufus Godson says:

Bro your whatsapp number👏

Richard says:

Gold has blessed so many people this week

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