How to trade market profile on crude oil (Part I)

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Apologies up front as my microphone lost sound at the 23min35sec time frame. I made a “How to trade market profile Part II” that continues with audio. 15 August 2015, multiple examples of using market profile levels to make trades. I show several days worth of examples of how to trade using breakouts and breakdowns of market profile levels and reading the market. The examples I use are mainly in Crude Oil futures (/CL).


Rick Alarcon Sisniegas says:

how did you expand the previous profile lines, thanks

jnnero123 says:

What settings do you put in order for the white lines to appear? Great trading style!

m8knit 2014 says:

man this is a life saver..

Jeyson Barrera says:

Thanks to take time and explain !!!!

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