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this is an easy strategy on how to trade morning gaps


Yoga with Lola says:

Good video made it very easy to understand. I'm putting it into play right away! Your notes on price & VWAP correlation were huge for me and now all my charts have that on them. Thanks!

Pelasmar Asmar says:

good morning I have 2 questions for you i have been watching your you tube videos and you talk about pre market low float 3% 4% 5% do you mean stocks that have low volume or low price or stock that have gaped up 3 4 or 5% can you please answer specifically thank you kindly

the second question is you talk about high of the day momentum scanner again are you talking about price or volume please specify thank you again i hope i asked my questions in a clear way hopping to hear from you soon.


Arash says:

new subscriber here =) great content. My question is, how do you know that stock will run… even if it has a 5-10% gap in premarket? Lets say price hits 3.69 and takes your limit-order….. what if there is not enough volume to run.. when would you exit the trade / for how long would you keep it? thanks!

Marwan M says:

Awesome Man!! you nail it so easy to understand. I watched a lof of videos about trading gaps and none had make it that easy like you. two thumbs up!!

DondrellTv says:

You should link up with the guy from real life trrading channel he has the same mindset of what trading education should be like

Henderson Sobers says:

Another great video, thanks. By the way, which platform are you using for your orders? I use TC2000 for charting as well. Looking for a scan that will help me detect when stocks are about to bull flag on the 5 and 15 min timeframes. Do you have any scans like that? Thanks.

Eric Lambert says:

Hey Pat, could you explain a little more about how you formulate your bias as to whether you are playing a gap and go vs gap and stuff for a short? I have trouble identifying which way to lean on these.
Thanks in advance

D Thurman says:

thank you for the detailed videos! I'm in week 2 of studying. I appreciate the simplicity of your explination.

Creative ones says:

how DO i short like i mean how do i buy into a short. I have a fidelity account, I dont know exactly what to set it up as

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