How to Trade Oil Futures

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Matthew Sillaman says:

this video was legit. thanks for the insight.

FT91 says:

Thanks Mike and Merritt.
It seems Merritt plotted market profile for the US session only. Would it be correct to create a market profile for the combined European and US sessions in one profile?

Derek Jones says:

Great Video! I'm pretty new to trading futures. What ticker and exchange is the speaker using in this video?

Greg says:

This is by far the best presentation of an approach I have seen from you guys. A clear objective, replicable take on the market.

Prakash Sharma says:

In my opinion there can be a temporary uptrend followed by another downtrend move. Market will be stable then.

Pablo Dee says:

Awesome video Mike. Keep Blacks videos acoming.

Pablo Dee says:

Dude, that market profile 30 min bars where prices are spending most time is excellent

I K says:

Sierra Charts – nice platform. Love it!

Alan Benarroch says:

So you're only a technical trader? does that work for you? you don't look at DX to see if it's cheap or expensive, don't look at the crack spread or Brent/WTI to see if the market is been hedged, don't look at the calendars to determine Demand and supply? just volume profile, tape reading and levels… Well, I guess simple is better.

Lachhab Regragui says:

Where can I trade oil futures ?

Douglas Steinke says:

Mike and Merritt – Excellent content. Could you please do an in-depth analysis of reading Market Profile and order flow at the POC's and as price trades 2 standard deviations away from VWAP. I'm thinking at both price levels identifying large orders that are stuck long or stuck short and need to puke their position could provide excellent set-ups. Thank you for posting.

B says:

it's videos like this that keep me coming back to this channel every single day to see what else you put up. Unreal. I wanna learn more from this guy and everyone at SMB!

T. S. Leong says:

What software are you using to split your market profile???

leo i says:

those who produce oil believe they use that oil extraction for too long. it might be some cuts soon. it will be permanent cuts.

leo i says:

My prediction, in 2 years or less, i repeat, or less. The price will be 120 dollars per barrel for wti, brent will be more. Lets see my prediction vs someone's wish. It is not all about what you wish.

Bill Franz says:

Every video explains more than an expensive book, and you have hundreds of them. Amazing.

jack lee says:

what does he meant by increase market share to take down other oil companies?

Jakob Nordvik says:

I can't seem to understand your chart. The prises of the tops and bottoms do not match any of the charts I can see. Take the bottom in oil in 2016 for example, which was 27 and 26 dollars a barrel for brent and WTI respectively. How come your chart show that the bottom is over 36? Reacted to this when i could not find where to draw your thickest line in my chart.

Jason P says:

This was a great video presentation! Being the next day already, what he has said it showing true in the market. He said he is separated from SMB? How can we see more videos with this approach and presenter?

Contang0 says:

just a great video again, thanks smb. what software is that ?

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