How to Trade Options with a Smaller Trading Account

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This live webinar recording covers in details the opportunities to use options trades, calls, puts and spread strategies to effectively utilize a small trading account and trade options. A free options trading system is also available here to start learning about these options trading opportunities


Micheal Jones says:

Just trying to rip people off with some type of system that does not work. No this webinar does not cover any details about option trades, but it's only a 50 minute infomercial. All this information about options can be learned for free and not spend1400 dollars. We all know that old saying "One sucker is born every minute"! You tube alone has videos for free. Don't tell me, I didn't warn you, when you loose your money.

Everos says:

How much money is small account ???

Jass Jass says:

hi thanks for vid its great but can you explain when did AAPL stock goes to $400 mark?

Jose Garcia says:

You can learn all that here on YouTube! 

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