How To Trade Penny Stocks | Finding The Best Stock!

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Rory says:

what website do you use??? i have a fidelity account and have no idea what im doing


NURO was covered in gravestones at 9:40, why didn't you read the candles

king man Mak says:

hi how i can joint to the techbuds solutions and pre market movers group. thx max

Brutus Empire says:

Try to work something out with SureTrader so that the PDT rule is non existent.

Klondykes says:

we're just starting so we appreciate the videos. gotta watch your how to find penny stock videos. we realize it's bad to buy based on others suggestions. we use Robinhood since we can do small trades while we're learning. anyway, gonna be studying and watching today between appointments

Aaron Marsee says:

Ricky, Thanks for all the videos. How do you get real time stock quotes with the tinkorswim platform?

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