How To Trade Penny Stocks For Beginners | Penny Stock Investor

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Rahul Venkatesh says:

Do you use the thinkorswim to execute the trades?

BlackShark CzE says:

I would like to join into trading but i am still searching good broker. I was trying to join to TC2000 but they didin't accept my request. I don't know why maybe it's because i am from Czech Republic (Europe) maybe not.
Can you please recomend me some good broker?
or is the Thinkorswim good ? I mean if you are satisfied with this broker.
I apologies for my english i know it is not best. I am trying my best.
Have a nice day all (:

Cristal Perez says:

I still dont get it !?

Slacks_RT says:

at what percent profit should you aim for? 10 percent of what you invest? I don't want to be greedy but strategic

jay_ 311 says:

trying to join the pre market chat but i got a text saying rayes may apply does that count in the app and also what market opens at 1 im in florida

Student Entrepreneur says:

I just want a giant screen TV in my beachfront apartment with a black red & green stock ticker displayed on it 24/7 and to be able recite an extremely complicated answer anytime one of my guests asks me what I do.

Also subbed cool channel bro.

Elite Squad says:

m ur big fan ,ur my role model,i wanna be like you.from where i start?????

Elite Squad says:

great to see u bro,m new here

anthony haseman says:

thoughts on CARA finding a bottom today

usgage says:

Hope your stop loss went through.

vincent cadieux-bruneau says:

I am new at this and I am looking to get started .. what is the program that you are using I love the interface .  thank you

Jackson Tide says:

Ricky have you found any better brokerages compared to Robinhood

pedro pablo says:

Hola Ricardo,cuando haras un video en español

Tommy D says:

Just picked up $SNAP at $16.00. I like the company and looking to hold on for awhile,

Nate O'Brien says:

Ricky you have one of the coolest channels on YouTube. Thank you

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