How To Trade Penny Stocks In A Bear Market

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Adapt to the market environment and profit just the same, if not more, as during bull markets just like I made my 2nd and most of my 3rd million during a bear market, apply at for me to mentor you!


Kenneth Ma says:

lol 2 years later, I am coming back to watch this video lol

RaphiEntertain says:

Fucking great Video 🙂

Tazeko says:

Hey Tim, if I buy How to Make Millions (not the physical copy), how do I watch it, as in is it streamable or is it a download (and if so how many GBs)? Thanks!

S3VeR says:

Good lessons, learned a lot. Thanks. Which broker would you prefer when you're not a US citizien? I know E-Trade is the best, but it's not available for europeans, SureTrader has high commissions and seems like the only option

Jaden1k says:

How much does your chat room cost?

Nauman Khan says:

Hey Tim whats your take on options, would you play put options during a bear marketing if there aren't too many pennies to short?

TheNatureBoy RicFlair says:

Do you use etrade pro?

Grey Phillips says:

How can I convince mom and dad to open an account I have made my mind up that this is what I want to do in my life and they think it is a joke. What to do?

Grey Phillips says:

Really enjoyed the video keep up the magnificent work.??

Joshua Crawford says:

Thank You Timothy!! I'm trying hard to find promoters for 2015.. I don't know where to sign up for newsletters.. I've been studying all of your stuff. I want success in trading badly! probably a dumb question but do you have anything on finding the right promoters to subscribe to?

Bebos World says:

Do you have a watch list for tomorrow July 1st??

Michael K says:

I think profiting off of short selling is a very funny thing. you just want to laugh when you see that you make money off it

mexchewy says:

Getting educated. Thanks.

robertrosen101 says:

Hi Tim , What's the website to get into the chat room? And where do you find out about contract winners?

Vosh Media Kevin says:

What program are you using in the video to analyze the stock market?

Roland Parks says:

Retired Sniper?  LOL  
You da man, Tim.  

Your marketing strategy (how you approach potential new students) is valuable, entretaining and a serious eye opener.

You repeat yourself a lot, where repetition is the mother of skill.
Keep it up.

 You are a prolific genious and easy on the mind.  


Ray Spahn says:

years from now bald people on fox news will look back and say wow Tim Sykes was exactly right maybe we should listen to him more

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