How To Trade Penny Stocks | Investing For Beginners

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Scott Purdy says:

i bought neot after a huge drop @.58 I was wondering do you think it will go back even half of what it was? also why not hold stocks overnight?

interests10 says:

what about transactions costs, if your getting in and out in a day..and only waiting for a stock to go up a few pennies??

Jay Jay says:

during this video ur time axis says 6. so are you trading premarket hours?

Matt London says:

What's a reasonable profit margin for buying and reselling iPhones?

chandra shekhar says:

you speak too much

Ken Lamar says:

Show me what made you pick that stock .. was it news? If so where did you find it and Why was it significant enough to make you want to trade it? Do videos strictly on that. People don't care how much money you made. We get it trading stocks can make good money. showing behind the trade is more significant. Please like if you agree

Nesquik G says:

Could you make a day in the life video?

PNWPicker says:

Great pre-market analysis on FRED. Worked out perfectly what you said. You explain very clearly. Just wish i wasn't working today. That was a great opportunity. Keep up the great work

Will M says:

would you have been able to catch that 11% bounce at 24:05 with robinhood? is it fast enough for that?

Vaez Jaeger says:

I live in Europe (The Netherlands). Is it ok for me to use thinkorswim or is it only meant for the usa region? (yeah im new asf)

Philly gal mi seh says:

What's the name of the interface on screen?

Michael Li says:

what account do you recommend to open if you are based in UK?

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