How to Trade Penny Stocks With Just a Single Laptop | πŸ’» Live the Laptop Lifestyle πŸ“ˆ

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Another episode of FAQ Friday for my subscribers, remember to go apply at to get mentored to become my next millionaire student, but if you do apply be ready to study your butt off as it’s not easy and hard work/dedication is required!


Michael A Sobel says:

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RemusRomulas says:

Made $2000 this month dip buying with a small account. Aiming small and sniping just works. You dont need to make 3k every trade. On average I only make 150-250.


Hi I am from India. How can I trade in us stock market

Anthony Flores says:

What brokerage do you use to trade stocks?

King Cesar says:

i use my pt with my tv. and my phone from like 2 to 5k to 17k with taking out 2k. so i think i made 300 to 400% . Ty Timothy!

Jon Snow says:

Hey Tim, when is the next Steve Dux the man interview coming? He already passed his first Million and now he is on a new mission to beat Tim Grittani record. Steve the Man!

Pat Fonta says:

$225 a day is good enough for me !

tinyboy2006 says:

Just finished watching this last Video!!!…. I started in September and watched EVERY OF YOUR YOUTUBE VIDEOS!!! It took a while to watch everything and I learned so much… I just Signed up for Silver right now under Rudolph Anthony and ready to burn the midnight oil and attack those video lessons… Thanks Tim!!!

Anand Lodha says:

Hey hi tim…..can u post a video on how to control our greedyness and our emotions while tragding?

I AM defaulter says:

heya bro!!!

Kirill Like says:

just love you!!! absolutly right

Leonardo Pinzon says:

Tim I been trying to get in touch with you for months I have sent you emails and posts on your webinars I live in california and i want to buy the offer but i would like to talk to you first just a couple of minutes, my phone is 559 329 6719 and email is I have the money to buy the course but please call me or text me or email me a soon as you can, if is not possoble for you I would try to write again on your upcoming video because I know you are a very busy person, and thank you for your lessons Tim.

Ozan Bay says:

Selam, Shalom. O Tim, a creation of Allah. Your focusing so much on money and worldly things and not at all on your eternal afterlife.. i'm telling you this because you have probably helped a lot of people financially so you need help too. Helping others is obviously your way of asking help from Allah Almighty. I'm not gona be like these people who are like "yeah i will, I will be your next millionaire student" blah blah blah. I got sick of reading them after a few of them. I'm just asking that you for your own sake throw away everything you have learned from the media about Islam (meaning Peace) because they have got a war against the true religion out of every other religion on the world, they target Islam because it is 100% real. It's the truth without any doubt. You should (whoever reads this) read minimum 100 pages of the Qur'an for a start, ask a scholar 10 questions you have after that whatever it may be. Then work on your faith and afterlife more because you dont need to make more money but you do need to earn your place in the eternal Paradise, what a wonderful place that is, otherwise you will be in the eternal hell God forbid, what a horrible place it is. I hope Allah helps us all because we all need it. We are nothing but slaves of Allah. Allah is everything. The only reason we were created was so we worship Allah, our creator. Not because Allah benefits from it, it's because we will benefit eternally in Paradise if we worship him. Peace and blessings of Allah be with everyone. Ameen.

Anis says:

You need a multi screen mostly for the 15 first minutes. It's my opinion, i trade with a laptop and i miss a lot of opportunities at the open.

Tamir m says:

Awesome Thanks!

moneybuyspower says:

Can a person swing trade in a margin account without getting charged interest? Thanks

B Bangegas says:

Great advice Tim, thanks, biggest challenge for me right now is just getting out of the pdt rule πŸ™ eventually will get out of it with hard work

Edward Rock says:

Lol, ok laptop it is. Was going for a 3 screen setup like i have at work. First thing in January will get it done.You da boss! Thank you and how conveniently timed after my FB msg.

Easton Webster says:

How about this you give me the course and I will give you 50% of whatever profit I make for the next 6 months.

Tom Washington Jr says:

Great info Tim … as usual…thanks for all you do … much appreciated:-))

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