How To Trade Stocks In August

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I’m so excited about my conference in a few weeks and my DVD will be 100% free, all 11 hours delivered to your inbox in a few days if you register at


DOTAN kanterewicz (DasirmanXX) says:

Is this stockstotrade or another software?

Josue rodriguez says:

Just from your Youtube video's I have learned a lot and I actually day trade when I study a certain company and its trend. One thing I learned that worked profoundly yesterday was cut your losses. So yesterday it was 11:00 AM and usually this stock I was it tends to have no volume after that time. I held it to find a perfect time to get out and by luck, it shot up two more cents and I lost $.49 cents overall. It was a huge lesson learned at a small cost.

Monty Craft says:

Man you motivate me so much!! Once I've got my civil engineering degree and employed, I will be saving all cash I have and hopefully make smart investments in the stock market. But first thing I will do, purchase your training video's so I'll be 100% prepared. Thank you for showing us all the tips and tricks Tim, and thank you for showing us the wealth we can get by working hard ! Seriously motivates me everyday to study more and work harder. Have a good day man.

NZ Shares says:

Sooo "When In Doubt Stay Out"

Cheers Big Tim

Brandon Mahoney says:

Maldives villa tour😩

alexin andre says:

Yo Tim, where u at M@n? I am so excited about the new DVD thats coming. I hope all is well.


Alexin Andre

Eduardo Huerta says:

Is there a training stocks app to practice ? And then when I feel ready I move to real stocks

hopping viruses says:

i want to learn how to trade penny stocks im brand new to this and im saving money to start with you because i want to be a student but does your classes cost? if so how much? ill probably be able to start with 200 dollars.

Raphael Carvalho says:

Nice tip teacher !

Jay Liv says:

You should do vlogs

ted dy says:

dude you're the man seriously

Dżony says:

Hey tim i love your vids and i want to start trading but i am from Poland can i use the same program as you and trade the same stocks? + i dont have much money ~500 $ can i start with this?

Frank says:

Did you play HL today? I shorted it on paper…wishing I had my account in place now when I was up 12k.

NeverFail Gaming says:

Tim if i have a 1k account and want to trade a stock i have researched how much money should i be spending on every play/position because you know if i lose $20 off brokerage from each trade it seems like you need to be using all your money just to make money unless you get some great trade

Scott Martin says:

Can you start trading with a few hundreds? Like 3-4 hundreds?

Nicolas Dykes says:

was this the same pattern in CYCC today

falcon D says:

timothy thanks for all your videos. Im a beginner and was hoping for some advice. Can you recommend a beginner trade site. I have seen
etrade..option house, you have recommendation? also how would you start im a total newbie with this..thanks

Aaron Jara says:

What's your opinion on Interactive Brokers? Covering their pricing, required minimums, trading platform, and just everything in general?

Shawn Michael-Reaaltor Claros says:

I emailed you twice. let me know what else I need to do to take the challenge. thanks my friend.

john bakeer says:

How much should a beginner trade a day?

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