How to Trade Stocks Online In Canada

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“How To Trade Stocks Online in Canada” is a question I am often asked. So watch this short video to learn how you can use the cheapest (although not the fanciest) online stock broker in Canada so that you can trade stocks online too.

One note of warning: Be careful of currency and commission fees when you are learning how to trade stocks online in Canada. Discount brokers charge low fees but they don’t give much service – so call and ask them if you ever have any questions

If you want to open an account to trade stocks online in Canada: Please Contact me at and I can give you 10 free trades to help you get started trading stocks online in Canada.

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another youtube says:

virtual broker is pretty good too but at the end of the day, nobody is capable is trading foreign stock without any ridiculously high charges.

Pat RatCan says:

What about Virtual Brokers and Interactive Brokers?  They both seem to have lower costs…

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