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Course & Private mentorship

Today I show you how to day trade stocks and penny stocks with a simple strategy. LIVE demonstration

Penny stock for beginners.


Zed Monopoly says:

Remember guys I would never ask for your email or ask anything from you on youtube so be careful from scams.
Course & Private mentorship
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Mentor Alexander Mantilla Inca says:

Hello, I'm from SouthAmerica I've watching some of your videos and Youtube tell don't use Plus 500, witch platform do you use? Gold Vibes for you!

pinki fam says:

Can u please tell me good trade app to trade in uae except plus500,

Kevin Covins says:

the chart trending downwards why you trading it

Richard B Magsig says:

Trying to pay you the 65. Not sure if i understood what to do. Have to work around my ADHD. Laugh out loud

A C says:

Would your course help someone completely new to all this?

EZ. V. says:

Hey Zed. Good job. How can i take the course

apex128 says:

Don't you need over $20,000 just to enter a trade like that with 100 shares?

SNIPPER1 says:

upload more of these demo videos… thank you

Jermaine H says:

would 10k be enough to start with?

Kapil Pai says:

Zaid, I'm new to trading. Why do i not see shorting in my brokerage app?

Rav D says:

This guy is really full of shit! Where are your live trades/proof of profits? SCAM!!! Lambs to the slaughter.

Eddie Sasquatch says:

I am trying to leverage the little I have because the land I am on is up for destruction and I am under forced eviction without notice or buyout offer and I am trying to keep this homesteading project alive. 347-794-4124 I purchased newsletters but some of the these are such liars. I have to admit because of the toxicity here found after the fact that it has destroyed my health over the assaults, accidents, and thefts. I need Your donations to find a land donation, move, and build a small but bigger shed. I have no protection and these guys are tough. Thanks Good Day Blessings

Jesse brown says:

I'm confused it says right on the bottom of the screen switch to real money.

Lonnie Boudreaux says:

My biggest problem is I work when the market opens and I work in surgery so I literally can’t touch anything. By the time I get to my phone the magic has already happened.

Phoenix Jack says:

Awesome!! its so nice to know there are still solid good people in this world. I'm looking forward to learning all the details how to trade like you…. could you give us a list of sites you use

jeff davis says:

Definitely better that fxlifestyle lol


Hi do you teach swing trade?

Van Kleef says:

that’s some mojo stuff u got there man! Definitely very cool you sharing and helping people out of their misery doing 9-5 jobs. Power house. Trying to grasp as much. Peace brother ?

Clayton Young says:

I trade earnings that are good but gap down. I wait for the overreaction to stop and buy at the bottom. I wait for the gap to fill and get out. I have been profitable 7 of my last 8 trades. I have a small acct and am growing it little by little. Profitable 4weeks in a row, going for # 5 this week. Got 10 shares of AMAT at $49.00 and hoping to make 10 to 50 on the trade.

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