How To Trade Stocks Step By Step | Investing 101

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Millicent Lopez says:

swing trades, interesting. i had to watch this twice because the first time i was LAUGHING at all the comments! why are we as a society such trolls? anyhoo, one can't expect Ricky to provide definitions all the time, if you're determined to be a successful trader put in the work and google it

Denise Johnson says:

Thanks for this video, I learned a lot.

s Brothers says:

Slow the video down people.. not hard to do.. solve problems don’t wait around and hope it fixes it self..

jcallesano says:

Childish I've also just noticed this is taking place in the dorm room… This kid probably pulls more ass than a toilet seat

jcallesano says:

So simple the only question I have is what platform you are using to view all of those charts? That would be the most beneficial tool here

Fernando Borea says:

The 0:27 sound was the chair? (sorry, I had to ask that)

The Rideshare Mama says:

Ricky serious about his shit! I like when ppl are very informative!

Keem winning says:

I love this little dude hes so smart on this stuff

David Letko says:

What software are you using?! Anyone know?

Bryan Yu says:

What is the graph that you're using? where do you download it from? I know that Robinhood doesn't offer any charts like this…

Bryan Yu says:

I doubt that chick understands anything that you say and I'm sure you're going to help her out a lot bc she's attractive. But your info is good though. I just started trading on Robinhood and so far I'm losing position about $10 and I can't figure a way to getting my position to increase. I only have about $1,000 invested.

Abo Ali says:

This guy is scammer. He never trade stock and his information about trading is useless, ask any professional like john murphy, even john murphy didn't make this money. He pretends that he makes this money from forex to sell his courses in his site for idoit who believes every thing

SNIPPER1 says:

she didnt take notes?..

Ramon Garcia says:

Learned a lot from this video, made everything much simpler than what it seemed to be, thank you Ricky!

Kennedy Clemens says:

Great information! But honestly I had to close out the chat replay so I wasn't so distracted. Like, come on guys, can we be a bit more mature here??

Raverz s says:

Keep them hoes of the videos :p

The Phamily Show says:

What application are you using?

Fenxiao Chen says:

Is there a trial version of the private group?

Jaszy Rodriguez says:

Hi ricky, thank you for this video. I already open my Robinhood account through your link. Starting at $100 too. Hoping to grow it to afford the course. Yipee…

NuEnque says:

This is a great video BUT…. I'm not buying that she is not a paid instagram model. Either way thanks for the video and eye-candy

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