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Fatimah Rania says:

Wow, this is actually needs to be taught at highschool

Viktor Warhola says:

Goddamn how much do you spend on trades per year!?

Denise West says:

Thanks good pep talk

Bobby Singer says:

thanks Rick!

Ezekiel David says:

Nice video but I'm still wondering why I didn't ask Mr jason cole a long time ago to assist me with my trades. I doubted
him for too long. Well, he has started recovering all my losses.

Rose BPOS says:

It's funny because he literally quoted MGTOW in this video when he talked about opportunity costs.

TeatleGaming says:

Hey Ricky! do you think AKER and YUMA have potential to rise in the next couple of days? I feel like the pattern has potential.

Tayler Colgrove says:

I understand most of the words of wisdom Ricky has provided but I'm still having a hard time plotting support and resistance. I'm hoping the slow market was something to blame. But everyday I try to learn something new.

mike jones says:

Killed it on KOLD today..made 2300$

Mr. Man says:

You think that went flat, check BLPH! Looked as if it was going to bounce up and then flatlined like a cadaver! lol ? All because they flooded the market with 10mil shares this morning. Lesson: Watch the news feeds early on anything you want to day trade!

Jeremy Key says:

Followed this advise and didn't even realize it at the time (I literally just watched this video). Jumped out of UGAZ as soon as I saw /NG on a down trend. Switched my position over to DGAZ and captured a +7.3% on that massive push up from 12pm to 1:30pm before selling my position and leaving the market for the day.

Kevin Pardo says:

Hey Love The Channel Brother. Keep Up The Amazing Content. Please Go Subscribe To My Channel Because I Want To Build My Channel To Be Just Like Your. It Would Mean The World To Me. I Am Only 13 Years Old With A Dream. Thank You. ??????

Jeremy Coppola says:

this is what i needed to hear as a trader under the PDT rule

Markus says:

the direction was hard to predict at market open.. but with patience you could have made allot on DGAZ today /NG was clearly selling off.. but while you waited for that you could have easily made money else where…

Scott Lerminiaux says:

Ricky do you trade options or do you usually stick to stock?

shoopSAUCE says:

Easy.. buy puts. /video

Louie Campbell says:

Got my Thinkorswim hooked up for awhile now watching your videos for some time finally started to paper trade. Bought DGAZ 100 shares yesterday for 79.51 and sold today a day later for 519. Dollar profit, I love the way Ricky explains everything. Ricky thank you for your knowledge of the market. I'm 50 yrs old and learning from a young whipper snapper. Thanks Ricky.

iMvPxdragonz Den says:

Could I get ur discord.. I’ll join and help out with questions to anyone no calls tho.. kinda disrespect unless ask to.. if I say buy or sell in a comment doesn’t mean take a trade that’s what I see with out really analyzing it a quick scanning..

Miguel Gani says:

Honestly , save that 1st minute of introduction , dont need that in every video

Nessa Noh says:

Made a profit from SQQQ?

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