How to Trade the 15 Minute Chart Successfully with Price Action?

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Close – New updated video on how to trade the 15 minute chart in forex using price action successfully. Price Action is not just about looking at the candles it is also about looking to the left, looking at structure and taking notice of trends within each market around us. It also is about cutting losses when wrong and going for a more than 1 to 1 risk reward whenever possible.

I also includes how to manage each trade as a separate perspective to the overall market and of course looking for levels of evidence as suggested many times.

Disclaimer – Be aware trading involves risk and is not suitable for all investors and only risk money you can afford to lose..


Omar katib says:

the best videos i have seen ever
thank you so much

Michael zma says:

Very good teacher. I love how he actually explains what's going on, rather than just showing off how much money he's making. Great vid

Marie Mellor says:

Great stuff !!!

Aaron Armani says:

its great, i've ben enjoyed watch your video and really help me lot. thanks timon. from malaysia 🙂

Poloko Monaheng says:

Man, I like your videos. I learn so much from them.

Mondelle Thornhill-Small says:

what charting are you using?

Dana Turner says:

Great video! Very informative!

Irvin Sanchez says:

Awesome video, a friend of mine recommended you and you are great, subs/liked/and shared right away,

Looking forward to more video, keep up the great job mate.

Suliman Alamro says:

awesome video useful thankful

Ku Stock says:

well  .. you are looking at a history, this is why you look so "correct"  … do it live to prove your "naked chart" methodology 🙂

Phil P says:

Thanks very much for your efforts. Great video. I just wanted to ask…you talk about support and resistance 'ZONES'. I'm new to trading and have been watching videos on support and resistance showing two lines- one support and one resistance, to clearly define the 'ZONE'.
I was wondering why you only draw one line and would one line be enough to identify a point of entry. I'm aware the one line method is the old school method but do you still regard that one line is enough?
Kind regards, Phil.

Freddy Mazarire says:

Thank you very much for this information. Watching from Zim

K P says:

Thank for this bro. people charge so much for this much information. Just wanted to ask what is the best time in a day in between which we can trade this 15 min chart successfully please?

Michael kors says:

very good tips

Freq 123 says:

Your very much appreciated. Thank you so much for what you provide.

RomanStar94 says:

what chart is this

alex clark says:

great video thanks

Lesslimits says:

wich timeframe you trade all the time ? regards

Kanna K says:

Good video Timon… but the biggest challenge is when do you exit… looking back it is easy to calculate and say how many pips one earned or one can earn but in real time how do we exit a trade. Without that I feel we are back to square one.

Sean Johnson says:

Awesome man—you're a legend, watching from NZ. Liked and subscribed

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