How To Trade The Best Stocks Right Now

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Have you been watching the market in 2021? ‘Overwhelming’ is the best word to describe it all. There’s A TON of lessons to learn from this bull market. In this video, Kyle Williams joins me, and we go over our watchlists for the week. Tune in for some in-depth analysis of stocks we think are worth watching and why!

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I have Kyle Williams with me here. He recently surpassed $1 million in trading profits…

Kyle has been trading for quite some time now. Congratulations to you, Kyle — you truly deserve it!

We’re watching so many plays right now, it’s insane. This bull market carried over from 2020 and is seriously crazier than ever.

Watch this video to see which stocks we’re watching … And find out how we’re trading them or planning to trade them.

This is a great video to learn what some of the best strategies for the market are right now…

There are so many different ways to trade because of this hot market. You have to find the patterns that will work best for you.

We’ll go over the stocks that have the most potential … But know there are even more that we’ll still look at that won’t make the cut.

And we’ll discuss news catalysts, risk/reward ratio, and key breakout or failed breakout points for each stock.

Plus, we’ll get into how I prefer to trade in comparison to how Kyle prefers to trade each stock.

This is more of a technical analysis video. So if you’re a newer trader, I suggest you take notes and learn any trading lingo that’s not quite clear.

If you appreciate my filming video lessons on Sundays, comment below … Say, “How many Kyles are you watching?” Only people who watched this video will understand!

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Timothy Sykes says:

If you appreciate my filming video lessons on Sundays, comment below … Say, “How many Kyles are you watching?” Only people who watched this video will understand!

Xavier Lopez says:

How many kyles are we watching stocks

Joseph Stubbs says:

How many Kyle’s we watching stocks. ?

Allen Davis says:

How many Kyle's are we watching stocks

Yanky Rosenberg says:

How many kyles are we watching stocks?

Shalom Jones says:

@Timothy Sykes, what platform are you using please?

Ryan Rivera says:

Been watching your videos the past week and have increased my knowledge tenfold! This just made a lot of information click in my head. Thank you!

Alan Sagaskey says:

"How many Kyles are we watching stocks" lol. Appreciate you and the whole gang Sykes!

Arnie G says:

How many Kyle's are we watching, stocks?

Kody Anderson says:

How many Kyle’s are we watching, Stock’s? So many Kyles

James Butler says:

another great video Sykes, nice job, keep up the hard work. i got alot of information from this.

4everyoung2010 says:

“How many Kyles are you watching stocks? Appreciate you!

Sheldon Mattox says:

What do y’all think about OPTI and CBDL?

daredo dorm says:

Tim, its all about the Marijuana stocks like TLRY, HPMM, MRNJ < top 3

Jackie Smith says:

How many Kyle's are we watching, stocks? 😂

Alessandro Novielli says:

Has the otcs market always been popping like this?

Beaugeto Star Mixed Bag says:

I remember calling Kyle a future millionaire back in the day/ 😉

Melanie Rider says:

Maximum madness 😂

Sean Sukhu says:

Thank you Tim.

Michael Osborne says:

I'm ashamed, Tim. I've fallen off for over a year now because of issues with my marriage, compounded with advancements in my work. My dream of becoming a fulltime day trader had been put on the back burner. Fuck Superman, YOU'RE my hero, Tim. I want to get back into the market and be your student again. Go ahead and call me the "Muthafuckin Terminator" because I'll be back!! I'm working my way back to you Tim!! I'm no quitter!! I just had a hiccup in life. You inspire me to be better person, for myself & my family. I WILL BE ANOTHER SUCCESS STORY FOR YOU!!

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