How to Trade the Gold Silver Ratio

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Trading the Gold Silver Ratio. Sorry about the sound quality in a few parts of this video.
Gold silver ration charts can be found here:

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ozcopper says:

No I don't sorry.

TheJwl333 says:

Do you know of any good trading programs? Like a 1 oz gold buffalo for three tubes of silver eagles and five silver buffalo's as an example.

ozcopper says:

Yes, unfortunately you may be stick with paper trading for the moment.

silverbullet831 says:

I really hope they do. no where that I know of in the us does unallocated. i guess the best way to swap the gsr other than physical is selling and buying iShares SLV and GLD

ozcopper says:

There is a real opportunity for an American dealer to do GSR trades, I'm surprised none have done it yet!

silverbullet831 says:

wish gold stackers worked here in the usa

FrugalLife says:

Good vid.. Something new to consider


ozcopper says:

Sure is, Rare Harringtons 1 ouncers, Harringtons eventually became owned by The Perth Mint.

Tom The English Picker says:

That's some nice gold at the end .

ozcopper says:

Yup GoldStackers unallocated would be a way of doing it, There is another company I know of working on a GSR product too, but I'm not sure when it will be ready.

JollyKillBill44 says:

Cool video, I have been thinking about GoldStackers unallocated, but I seem to have trouble pulling the trigger for something I won't get to hold for a while.

ozcopper says:

Thanks for the comment 🙂

The Productive Garden says:

Good information. Thanks

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