How to Trade the Micro E-Mini Futures: A Trade Walkthrough

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In the final installment of this mini-series, Mark shows you how to put it all together and walks you through identifying a trade on the E-mini SP500 contract and executing it on the Micro E-mini SP500 futures contract.

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Sandy D says:

What platform is this? What platform do you recommend for micro e-mini futures? For small retail traders like me with $1000 to start with.

ToothbrushFactory says:

Can you explain more what exactly the top left "correlation" chart is?

Buzzman says:

How do I get into this? What are the charts from and how do I set up an account?

PaulS says:

Thanks Mark, you are a good teacher.

ioannis smylanakis says:

Nice job !!!! 😉

Gerard says:

Great advice!

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