How to Trade Tutorial #1 – Mastering Penny Stocks

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Welcome to the StockBrain Academy.

Today, allow me to introduce StockBrain and its smart approach to trading and analyzing penny stocks.

Now penny stocks are impacted by so many things – for instance, paid promotions, artificial hype, and often times, regulatory intervention. All these things and more impact penny stocks on a daily basis. As with every investment decision, having all the information is key if you want to be successful.

That’s what StockBrain is all about. StockBrain monitors thousands of sources and compiles all the information into one, single, easy to use dashboard. Then StockBrain gives you key insights with surprising clarity so you can make the best decisions when trading penny stocks. Bottom line: StockBrain takes the guesswork out of trading penny stocks.

Now I’ll mention briefly for those who are new to trading or just simply new to penny stocks: these are relatively low priced stocks which typically have a small market capitalization and usually trade outside the major market exchanges. Typically penny stocks trade on the over-the-counter bulletin boards or pink sheets. The stocks traded here are generally considered more speculative with a higher degree of risk. That’s because there’s less liquidity, less public disclosure, and more hype-induced stock promotions. And I’ll note: deciphering stock promotions is a particular strength at StockBrain. While these factors are worth keeping in mind, the low share prices make penny stocks especially accessible to any type of investor.

So how can you make a successful penny stock trade? Well there’s many things you need to know. For example: its chart over time, its current share volume compared to the average, the latest news, key statistics, and of particular importance, if the stock is being promoted and to what extent. All this information aids you in mitigating risk and maximizing gains. That’s obviously a lot of information, but as you get familiar with StockBrain, you’ll notice that these data points are automatically compiled in an easy to use dashboard, making your trades as informed as possible with up to the second, pertinent information.

So let’s take a look at the dashboard. At the top of the dashboard you’ll see the stock leading the OTC markets in gains, losses, and the most highly promoted stock. We’ll discuss stock promotions in depth in a following session. Below you’ll see a sortable chart with all the current day’s promoted stocks. Let me also highlight the emails and tweets columns. These show the amount of promotional activity and general interest a stock is seeing at that moment. This is a unique compilation of data from thousands of sources that can only be found at StockBrain.

Clicking on a row takes you to a higher level of detail. For example, you’ll see the stock’s chart, the stock’s daily volume, tabs with the actual promotional emails, up to the moment tweets, and critical news. And scroll down for a comprehensive list of stats for the stock. Let’s click on this symbol to see the emails, tweets, and news that are effecting the stock that day. We can look at the emails received on the stock. We can see everyone who’s tweeted with the stock symbol in mind and also the recent news, along with the key stats on the stock. Log onto your dashboard to take a look for yourself.

With all this data at your fingertips, let me illustrate how this could be a real game-changer. Take PLPL, for instance. StockBrain started monitoring promotions of PLPL at the end of December 2013. Email and Twitter activity progressively increased over the next 30 days. And by the end of January 2014, the stock had gone from around $.20 to almost $3.00. Just imagine if you were able to track the activity on PLPL in real-time then act on it.

Are you starting to see the power of StockBrain?


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