How to Trade WTI Crude Oil (Understanding The Price Action)

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How to Trade WTI Crude Oil (Understanding The Price Action)

// Trading WTI Crude Oil 12 Aug 2019

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00:00 How to Trade WTI Crude Oil (Understanding The Price Action)
01:12 Step 1 Identify key levels in the market
02:09 Step 2 Analyse how price is reacting to they key level in the market
03:25 Step 3 How to identify smart money in forex using forex volume
04:03 Step 4 Using forex volume as confirmation of entry
04:58 Summary



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Dhwani Patel says:

Which exchange should I use as an American citizen? A link will be much appreciated. Thanks!

Alexander Nadrilyanski says:

In which trading site i can register and be able to trade WTI Crude Oil?

R Powell says:

What platform are you using

Rafe West says:

What chart is this daily and what month/day timeframe?

Sifiso Mbatha says:

Can you please make a video on how to trade nasdaq.. Thanks for your videos

IsFitness says:

Thank you for another great video!

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