How to Trade XAU/USD: Best Gold Trading Strategy?

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In this video I go over my gold trading strategy on how to catch hundreds of pips per day trading gold by trading a price action strategy. Thank you for watching this video and make sure to click that like button and subscribe for more videos.

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Stanwan Mahid says:

A bit of nest on your head, where the birds went? 😁

Pranesh S says:

Broker you use bro ?

Afonso Martino says:

Which broker do you use?

RABR 7 says:

What brooker are you with ?

Shai Watson says:

As a uk trader. What time do you trade in the day

ajibola theofemmy says:

Hey! I just came across this videos after a lot of various video. I find this channel to be a perfect one. Kudos.

But please am newbie in this market, is there any book you will recommend for me to read to Know more about forex, and how I can create my steady and consistent strategy. I will have love to join your VIP straight, but I guess I might not be financially capable as all my monthly allowance is not up to 15$.

That's more reason why I am motivated by your videos, but I believe I want to believe this channel will help me alot. Thanks

Blazed Dayz says:

Can you please give me some good brokers? Literally the hardest part about forex for me so far is simply finding a good broker for a u.s client trying to scalp $100 on gold

Alicia Martin says:

Love it! 🤠🤓

Toi Trader says:

How long have you been trading ?

Mr So&So says:

Gold keeps stopping me out then going in the direction I predict

vinn simatei says:

You trading is just on fire🔥 All the way from Kenya

Yishai Mordechai Shem Tov says:

Awesome brother love your trading👑🔥💪🏻

Bread Master says:

Guess gold ain’t hitting 1900 lmao

Nabil Ali says:

What lot size for gold on a 2000 pound account would u recommend? (I’m using an1:300 leverage) and how many lots per trade?

George Chan says:

Good explanation👍

ibi says:

nice man 🔥🔥

A says:

Definitely gonna join the vip group soon hopefully 😆

kick fire says:

I know to make 300 pips everyday in newyork session but thts it with price action

Estevan crawford says:

Love your vids brodie, you are a beast on the charts!

First ธนากร says:

would you recommend trading gold with a $100 account?

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