How to Trade XAU/USD: Best Gold Trading Strategy?

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drewmorg says:

Thoughts on Lambo Raul / Daniel FX Savage? Almost exclusively Gold scalpers who make $10k+ a day… nutty fib traders?!

Bao Le says:

I like trading gold and I've been experimenting a couple strategies. Oddly enough, for me, the larger the size you are in, the quicker you need to watch to exit, thanks for the video, lots of good tips here

Amos Ahoulou says:

Hi Nick, do you love gold?

Were 2 Now says:

Made more on trend trading

KING S says:

It you really want to grow your account. Master us30

Hdhith CuBe says:

How do you add Moving average 200 on Trading view? I can’t find it

Brando Marchelino says:

What about other Metals pair nick? i need your advice like you do on XAU, Very Useful video, Keep up the good workk! 🔥🔥🔥

Willierod Gerry says:

Can u add english sub pls

iamlegacy931 says:

Gold has busted my head a few times. I've made several hundred. Lost several hundred. When gold moves it moves and it doesnt show any mercy

joseph tanael says:

Hey nick just a question, why don't you talk about news events that happen during those spikes? Like the Iranian missile attack.. or maybe other news event from the past..i'm just wondering why you don't mention it… i really like this content a lot.. thanks nick

Billyboyf says:

Great advice and massive thanks for the strategies. Simple but really effective with gold. Your lack of pretence and arrogance is really refreshing. Loved the lesson. Thank you

GoldTradingTv says:

lmao @4:09 that pencil writing , good video bruh i like the process

Dylan Taylor says:

Could you make a video on how to use trading view please?

Maquebool Alam says:

Thank u for very meaningful and efficient way of showing how to trade XAUUSD . And please show for EURUSD and GBPUSD

peter bohardien says:

Thank you nick ..

Brandon says:

Can you do a video on strategies for gbp pairs?

Cory Walker says:

I fucking love gold 😍 even tho it damn near blew my account 😅

Donarvon Dylan says:

Thank you Nick for such a Practical demonstration of trading XAUUSD cautiously & Professionally👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 WELL TAUGHT
Enjoyed the lesson 💯

Christopher w says:

What time frame do you wait for the break on

JT Film says:

Is Oanda a good broker?

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