How to use Market Replay in NinjaTrader

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NinjaTrader has a great feature called Market Replay that allows you to download tick data for a symbol on any date and replay it for simulated trading. It is an awesome practice and research tool. This video is a short tutorial on how to use this feature.


R-77 says:

which data is for the chart ..level 1 or 2 or you need both ? cheers

Nik K. says:

Hi, great video!

Do you know if I can download volume or time and sales data like this? I want to look at T&S and also at volume for the past several months.

vinny1010 says:

So it seems to work great for day traders but what about swing traders who trade based on the daily chart? Is there a way where I can skip forward per day?

Vladimir Anatolevich says:

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Tahir maqbool says:

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morganzy98 says:

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Gold Hunter says:

Thanks. I'm just learning Ninja and that helped immensely.


David Mane says:

Thanks. It was driving me crazy trying to get replay working and now I've got. Thanks again

jap4231 says:

Thanks for the vid

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