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Fact: I offer a FREE weekly watchlist (just subscribe with your email). Learn why I do it … and how to use it!

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Profit! Learn! Get excited! It’s 2020, baby!

If you want to improve your trading this year, there’s something quick, easy, and FREE that you can do right now.

Join my weekly watchlist!

Every week I send out a stock watchlist to my subscribers … in today’s video, I wanna tell you what it is, how it works, and how to use it.

Did I mention it’s FREE? That’s right: there’s no cost for my top stock picks (just subscribe with your email).

Why do I do this?

Because I know my teaching and stock picks are the real deal. But you might not know that yet. A lot of people think I’m BS. They think I’m fake.

My watchlist is one way for me to prove that I’m for real and that I have nothing to hide.

It’s free and arrives in your inbox once a week. What have you got to lose? Go ahead: watch the stocks and see what they do.

Want examples? I show you a bunch in the video.

For example, FCEL is a stock from my watchlist that nearly doubled after I featured it.

ONCY was another big winner. It didn’t double, but it went up a lot … By finding stocks like this that fit predictable patterns, traders can learn how to take advantage of great trading opportunities.

I’ll also show you the higher-priced stock that grew $3 per share after it made it on my watchlist. I’ll also explain how to listen to what the market’s telling you.

OK, I know what you’re wondering … Am I right all the time?

Of course not! I can’t see the future. Not every stock I put on the watchlist will be a crazy gainer. But every stock I choose has that potential.

That’s why you need to know how to actually use the information from the watchlist. I do NOT suggest blindly trade the stocks on my watchlist.

Instead, I’ll tell you how to really use this watchlist. You gotta learn how to identify patterns by witnessing them again and again and again.

The world of low-priced stocks is full of idiots. Don’t be one of them! Use tools like my watchlist to give yourself an edge and rise above the many traders who will fail.

Join my watchlist today!

Do you get my weekly watchlist? How do you use the information? Leave a comment and let me know! 👀✅🤑

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Timothy Sykes says:

Sign up for my FREE watchlist, and comment below once you have. Who is dedicated?

Charlie Andrys says:

I’ve been in the markets for almost 2 years now and I bought your $30 course. I’m really looking into your $2000 yearly course. I just have a few more questions about it. Thanks a ton! I’ve already learned so much!


iM UP (+67,76%) ON IBIO +13,85 PROFIT LOL

Sai Jones says:

Signed up, thank you! Just trying to figure out the best time to buy after getting the watch list. So far, I have witnessed some of the stocks on your watch list go up significantly and I am only on my second watch list. This is great and I hope to be a student of yours some day.

justin brint says:

Sign up it's worth it. I have take my 200 dollar account to 500 dollars with 2 trades from the watchlist.

MrDevil583 says:

Thank You! 👏👏

Dr. Richard Works says:

Thanks Tim. I use your free watchlist along with your PennyStocking Silver watchlist and the StocksToTrade (STT) watchlist. Other than that, I use the STT scanner to pick up anything new that’s moving based on criteria I learned from your Market Mastery program. I appreciate everything you’ve done. Love the YouTube and videos. I also have some of your other products and can attest that your strategy works. God bless you my brother!

Aaron Wilson says:

After a little past 4 months I'm still learning price action in relation to my entry/ exits. Your watchlist has been helpful on understanding penny stocking plays. Most of the time I just watch and study (pre- market and open) the action with out spending the money on shares. Your watchlist has plenty of good stocks with catalyst. I'll see them in other types of scans. Just need to put in the work.

Barell Gibbs says:

Plus I am trying to come To profitly here In next Few weeks ur boy get A few dollars here on the low Skyes

Barell Gibbs says:

Skyes thanks like always For sharing ur thought process And ur Free knowledge But if u want be A millionaire you got find stocks on ur own like This Otc play ELYGF multiple month Weekly year Chart And bank Few hundreds I study for 17 months countless hours 18 books later countless Dvd And still will to learn Skyes I am coming I saw ONCY A few weeks had moring start pattern shook everybody out And tril And Nbev corna old ceo hit those filings Reed Ftft around the College sugar bowl watch the trends Skyes I am coming

Ulises Bernales says:

Bimi today bro on youre watch list waas good today good shit

Issac Vaughn says:

Thank you for all of this,Tim. I have been studying hard every day and could just use a little hand up, so Thanks again for the watchlist and for all you do! I'll join when I get there….

J K says:

Thanks tim.

lucky charms says:

Anyway I can contact you directly

Mass Lubricat says:

Mr. Timothy Sykes, this is not for trolling. I dont understand this lesson, because you giving a free watchlist and you always say to your students that you will have them to study and P.R.E.P.A.R.E. You share a watchlist with a disclaimer about that you are far from perfect, but you also make a annoncement about this is only free watchlist you will need. What do you really mean?

Black Shadow says:

+108$ for 30$ risk artl😆

Adam Seidling says:

I just got your pennystock course book and have your hedge fund book downloaded on my tablet. I started reading that Reminiscences of a Stock Trader. Very interesting books. Keep the videos coming.

Mary Beth says:

As always I thank you for your knowledge and hard work. More than anything I want to get to the animals so I too can help. 🐒🦒🦏🐨🦄😁

Street Grind says:

Your watchlist is truly helpful!

A Gray says:

I appreciate all of the information you put out for your non-students, and I truly truly believe that investing in your mentorship programs are WELL worth the investment and my intention is to be one of your challenge students…..innnnnn progresss 😁

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