How To Use My Watchlist & A Secret Penny Stock Promoter

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This is a must watch video lesson, just one of the 3,000+ now available for students, study up as EVERY piece of information helps you become a better trader, apply at to be mentored by my millionaire students & I


charlie williams says:

Why do you prefer etrade over the other sites such as fidelity? I'm young and wanting to get into stocks and only have about $300. Where should I start and how should I go about trading?

Enescu Steven says:

HEY Tim , I really want to dive into this . Please make a vidoe on how to acctualy beagin ..and what we need

Spliff The Reepa says:

Thanx MOTHAFUCKAAAAA. good vid

Tom Rek says:

getting into these videos for sure ….but want basics here planning to start an account at a small amount of 1200 to start up any advice is helpful

Jan Fortuna says:

So by those kind of reports by a biotech company the main thing is to look if its valid or a promotion. I get that.
But as someone that has a little history with medicine and science should I look closer to the actual data of the drug or would my risk reward ratio when it comes to time consumption be too great in general?

Rico Mass says:

Nice update Tim always great Info!

john Crep says:

lol I usually wait 3 red days and have a hard short following

AlexK9465 says:

Thanks for posting these videos. You are awesome.

Francisco D'anconia says:

Thank you Timmay!

Deep Patel says:

Added some great tips to my notes! Thank you Tim for making these free videos for those who can't buy the dvds and lessons

Jacob Alexander says:

Tim what software do you using when looking at stock charts? To be more specific what were you using in this video?

Mr Troll says:

fggts on twitter that call tim a pumper, dont actually realise he wasnt in the trade..

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