How to Use NinjaTrader 8 – Complete Beginner’s Tutorial / Guide for Traders

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Day Trade To Win Provides the best Trading Tutorials including the New NinjaTrader 8

How to Use NinjaTrader Video

Downloading and installing NinjaTrader
Obtaining a live futures data feed for practice (sim) trading
Correctly applying a data feed
Opening a chart and recommended settings
Navigating between charts using tabs
Installing and applying indicators
Saving configurations (presets, templates, and workspaces)
Tracking performance using Account Performance

Installing indicators is straightforward. Go to Tools
– Import NinjaScript Add-On
– navigate to the folder containing the downloaded indicator .zip file and select it
– click Open or OK

The indicator should import successfully. Next, right-click the chart

find the imported indicator and double-click it
configure any desired settings on the right
click OK.


Day Trade to Win says:

Remember to update the latest contract month. New users miss this part when getting the data to show on your chart. By default the charts may be on an old, expired contract month, March or June of 2017 and you you have to rollover. Her is the easy instructions to rollover which are in the video, but this takes you right to the section:
If you are new to NInjaTrader send us an email at if you have questions.

alcyone svx says:

hi how can I change the charts to sync with United Kingdom time and candle pattern format?

K M says:

I do exactly what you say to download the market replay but when I connect to the playback connection and the little box pops up, it does not let me adjust the dates and then when I press the play button it says that I have no replay data. Also, my charts aren't live and I thought futures market was open basically 24 hours a day?

RockRobb says:

Hey, thank you DT2W..for the video..
Currently looking for this material
Is NT worthed to try?

I trade FX and curious about orderflow on FX…

Ed B says:

I followed your instructions on how to load a chart but nothing shows…The market is now open and nothing is there nor past history of 14 days that I selected…

Kwang Joo says:

Hi John, this is a great tutorial. I like to learn how to do an order entry and exit. Thank you!

Bruce Hendrickson says:

better tutorial than the one NingaTrader produces by far. thank you very much

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