How to Use Options Strategies & Key Mechanics

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With hot stocks, tech, or the latest app taking over every headline, the public has pushed aside trade mechanics for flashy names and “get rich quick” ideas. However, this isn’t a sustainable way to invest. It’s time to get back to trading basics! In this presentation, ex-floor trader and tastytrade host, Tony Battista, tackles the essentials of being successful in the trading world.

Topics include:
–Duration over direction
–Strategies over direction
–Probabilities over direction
–Controlling trade entry and exit
–Careful allocation of buying power
–Risk vs reward!

The Bat will help you boost your market know-how and trading tactics in this tradeTALK!

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Jay Mitchell says:

That was great, very good at explaining mechanics

GapBahnDirk says:

That was amazing. Tom didn't interrupt once! 😁 A great summary Tony!

swoomh says:

Thanks Tony!

Chewie 13 says:

Thanks Tony

Alexander Frost says:

Thank you very much Tony. I sure did have a blast especially for a newbie like me. I just happen to catch your channel with Tom. Looking forward for more insights from you guys.

J. W. says:

Great video!! Love it! thanks for sharing this great strategy with the retail investors!!

Warthog says:

Very nice of you to do that program. Very enlightening and not overly verbose and technical.

Sanjay Agrawal says:

For short strangle it’s 30 delta on each side !!! Till now my understanding was Tastytrade suggesting 16 delta or 1 SD!! Please correct and update me on this as this mechanic is very very important!! Thanks for a very concise and beautiful presentation 👍👍👍👍👍

M C says:

Absolutely love these guys, thank you tastytrade!

hanzo lo says:

Lil Ted talk vibes I c u

Ramanathan M N says:

Good One Tony Battista.I am sure it will help beginners like me

Chase Reed says:

Thanks Bat!!

Matthew Vennie says:

Great info Tony!!!

Hi atuz says:

This was great thank you!

John Wellons says:

Good work outa you

Ray Steel says:

High IV Rank very easy to find…..If you live in the USA. Tastyworks and or ToS not available here as far as I know and if Im wrong please enlighten. So if these are not available how about a 3rd "easy" place to find for us unfortunate Crazy Canadians following you guys….Love your work, all of you guys!

DrZaius says:

Good job outta you! 🍒

Krzysiek Nowosad says:

Perfect. Good decks.

Sunil Parekh says:

Great presentation. Liking the strangles and well explained.

Chas Admin says:

Tony, I've been following you guys for years…. you are great. But, I must say this is the best , absolutely the best.
You should run it all the time for beginners. I wish you had this out when I started………. The title needs to be "Things beginners must know "
All the Strategies you cover will save people alot of money and time.

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