How to Visit the World’s Best Vacation Spots While You Trade Stocks

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Shreekar says:

How has this fraud not landed in jail so far?

julius maina says:

Hey my friend. Welcome home!!!!

ZachR says:

Thanks for posting Tim #livethedream

RoathRipper says:

i wonder what percentage of traders hate their jobs? 90% ?

Colyers says:

What a beta giraffe.

Richard Wrynn says:

This is cool no doubt, but it would be even cooler if a super model was feeding the giraffe and Tim was kicking back sipping champagne while he gave his pitch.

我看看妈丽 says:

Caren2trade Dec
20, 2018.

Jeff D says:

TIM, why am I getting an old spice vibe from you? lol

Dave Fitzgerald says:

Great video ?. I believe it's time for a change in my life:-) I'm ready when you are? Thank you….

dave kim says:

Tim is my hero!!

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David Jeong says:

Ty for reminder

Vamsi Thammandra says:

The most baller move…..

Kannapiran R.P says:

Thank you Tim

Jeremy Baldridge says:

I still am trying to learn to trade

Cindy Kempl says:

Wow! Would love to feed a giraffe!

Gabriel Okiring says:

welcome to Kenya.

Tim. man789 says:

Great video! And teachers!

Trading Escapes says:

OMG this is fantastic! this is our dream Tim… travel and trade! Come on, at some point you started getting worried you were gonna run out of food for him..

sang chi says:

Omg. Hahahah.

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