How to Win at Trading Stocks: June 25, 2017

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This video discusses the top stocks to be watching for the week, the odds of winning at trading and how they are ever-changing, how to exploit an edge in the stock market, and why most fail at trading.

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don marblenni says:

thank you, figuring out 5 of these for possible purchases will be difficult.

Sue Ellais says:

Nice video, great comment but i can only trust Mr Richard on trading Binary/Forex

Alexander Roger says:

Great video Contact Mr Richard for assistance on trading Binary/forex

Jimmie J says:

ok super trader-please explain why you use the 65 day ma. thanks

AppVentures.xD says:

yea, but the moving averages dont look like that in real time

rp jp says:

Good videos sir !
Looking forward to more and the website. Are you planning to eventually offer a paid service? or is this going to be purely educational?

I noticed some sort of glitch. @24 min mark, you are talking about NFLX and the price shown in the video is about 300 (it should be 40). Cheers

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