How To Win Every Trade In The Stock Market 2020

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How long does it take to become a successful profitable trader in the stock market? Today I will give you exactly what you need to know and where you should focus your time and energy, How to win almost every trade requires you to be as one with the stock market knowing the ins and outs. No shortcuts if you want to make money consistently trading stocks. Learn how I trade and join my chat room here

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Day trading requires a skill, a skill to be learned with time. Similarly, swing trading will require some level of dedication and commitment to the market, to begin with, so you can have some momentum.

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Zed Monopoly says:

To summerise the video: Master how to predict and react.
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Jaafar Abbas says:

What a legend I learned a lot in a 11 minute video

Renaissance Man says:

So… if you title a video "how to win EVERY Trade…" why you a youtuber then.. by this statement and your claim, you'd be a billionaire in 3 years

Lyrics Creator says:


Vieni a vivere all'estero! says:

Great Talk short, sweet and hitting the nail on the head!

Mohammed Ibrahim says:

I really loved the video. I’m starting to muster the will to trade stocks

Isaac Collins says:

Inspiring and educative. I am beginner, been seeing quite a lot of downs but with this video my mentally is changed man. Awesome thanks!!🙌🙌

Raza Bashir says:

Please suggest website for latest news of share markets

Paul Chime says:

Is zed guiding you what to do in the chat?

Christopher Corner says:

I made a huuggeee loss last week, and was forced to turn it into a swing trade. I made the same mistake another time, got scared and sold it at a low. I shoulda waited because it went way above my intended selling point the week after, and if I would've held on, I could've made up for that day, plus some extra… lesson learned…

Sadooff Sjjaka says:

Omgggg I have been a fan of yours for around 2 years and so glad to see this channel of yours is growing, wish you uploaded more often on the other one tho hahah

Good Profit 2020 says:

What one would expect, webmaster racially otzheg true! 🚩 Manage to earn $500 on my videos! 💰

Edgar Bonilla says:

Zed, thank you for putting yourself out there for all of us & sharing your wisdom. Excellent Mentor !

Thomas Parg says:

Your videos are helping a lot man!

Niko Vlogs says:

Almost stopped trading. This video just turned my ass around and made me remember why I started. This why I’ve never unsubscribed. I knew one day you’d pull me back. Keep it up bro. With industry’s corrupting I must create an income through this market.

Quinton Tarantito says:

Good stuff!

DDDo0oTTT says:

Zed like real talk i started trading 1 month ago and i've had good trades but also bad trades and all in all i've lost 200$ out of 2,5k but what i wanna say is that you are 100% right 1 bad trade takes all that confidance away man. It's weird but in a way your videos are motivating and kinda replenish that lost confidence . Keep up the good work and keep the educational videos coming. Best of luck !

Albert.millan Millan says:

Hey Zed I just began day trading thanks to you. My first week I had a green out come and made $10. But I fell for the mistake you point out regarding penny stocks. I went with GILD on Monday and purchased at 81.50 thinking it was going to continue to soar. I diverted from your teaching regarding Earning Reports and went with what I read on Yahoo and news. I lost 8 dollars after the stock stayed around 79.50. I learned my lesson and decided to stick to Earners Report only. I came back today and made $11 in a matter of 20 min. Thanks for your advise and motivation.

Llenahsiful says:

Needed this! Still paper trading and although I was "successfully" trading with another technique I realized commissions and fees would blow up my account so ive decided to use earnings report catalyst technique and its been hell🥴 but not giving up or depositing real money until im really comfortable that I know what I'm doing and why. You're great help, thank you!

Wesley Wz says:

You should make podcasts, every time i watch your videos im getting motivated! Thanks Zed, im gonna get your course very soon.

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