How Transparency Makes For Great Trading Mentors

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Nope, I won’t shut up. Why do I share so much about my trading and life on social media? I’ll tell you the truth … and I’m not pulling a single punch. THIS is why I keep it real.

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Why do I share everything I do on social media? Why am I so vocal about my charity work, my trading, and my traveling?

Why won’t I just shut up about sharing everything I do?

Yep, I dissect every trade and I share everything I do for charity.

And if you follow me, you already know how much I talk about trading, traveling, and living the laptop lifestyle. So why do I post so much?

Nope, it’s not because I’m lonely. And it’s not to stroke my own ego.

It’s because I need to prove to the world that I’m authentic.

I need to demonstrate and prove what I’ve learned over the past 20+ years as a trader. And I think being real on a daily basis is the most effective way to do that.

I have a TON of experience, and I can share with you what I’ve learned.

It’s how I can help you speed up your learning curve. You can learn the lessons I learned the hard way faster than I did.

I show a live feed of how I trade and live. I want you to better understand what it takes to be an active trader.

Think of any so-called guru who claims to have amazing trades … What aren’t they telling you? What’s their account balance? What fees do they pay on trades? Do you know their entry and exit points on every trade?

If you don’t know these key details, you don’t have the full story.

BEWARE any ‘teacher’ who only shows you screenshots of their trades.

I’ll show you my real money trades, income tax returns, audits, and every single trade.

Today, I talk about why I share what I do — in terms of trading, lifestyle, and charity. Learn why it’s so important that I do this on a daily basis.

If you keep watching what I put out there, you might not always like what I have to say. But you’ll have to admit that I’m REAL!

Leave a comment: What do you think of what I’m saying here? Get involved and help me improve! I’m learning too…

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Timothy Sykes says:

Leave a comment: What do you think of what I’m saying here? Get involved and help me improve. I’m learning too…

osmel dayet rodriguez says:

Thank you Tim Sykes.

Clayton Eicher says:

I love what you do. If you’re the trader you claim to be then be transparent. Why would it be a problem to show all your trades if you claim to be so good?? You make a great point and that’s why I enjoy having you as a mentor. Transparency, dedication and you care. Thanks again for another great video

Top says:

Thank you Tim for being real . You are a few people i listen everyday

Michael G says:

Knowledge Account Increased

larj Larj says:

whales are moving in on SIA COIN

max musashi says:

As a new student, I realised that not only dedication is crucial, a teacher that invigorates you is also important!

Marc Andersen says:

Does anybody know which tradingplatform tim uses

Bryan Markell says:

Your the tremendous serious teacher, and creating millionaires, thanks Tim

Thomas Dix says:

You're a great teacher Tim!

I seriously vibe with your account!

I am working hard and focusing on your training!

Eternal-Dragon Kazoku no Ryu says:

I study a lot! Someday I will be a millionaire student!

James Burke says:

Tim Sykes, you inspire me to be a better person. I appreciate your positive message and commitment to keeping it real.

Joe Gallardo says:

Truly, I did not want to post my loss today, on Profitly, after a near 2 Week winning streak. However, I stay transparent because it keeps me humble. I know where I went wrong on the trade, so the loss still held valuable lessons. #NoDaysOff #MillionaireChallenge #SteadyTradeBootCamp


When i trade with 20k,how much money are considered as a good amount of profits/per day?

Justin Kirk says:

Your awesome bro😁👌🏼💯💯💯appreciate the interviews too btw, always looking forward to them😁

L N says:

waiting to join. it's patriots day… used to freeze on this day. saving up to join… meantime looking at clothes to buy… nope ain't got money for that either. oh well.

RoathRipper says:

3:04 grittani article on point

James Orman says:

It's good to be real.

S. F. says:

Thanks! U have changed my life sharing everyrhing!!! All I know is that becoming your challenge student has been the best educational investment I've made my entire life…and I'm a college grad. Why is that important bc this actually helps whereas college was a glorified business hustle. College said when u graduate u will get a job and make money. I graduated and no jobs were available and then the economy crash then they tell me my education is too old i need more certifications now for IT…all non sense ..i have yet to get my return from college…but i got my return on investment with tim sykes within weeks.

queti 68 says:

I don't follow many people. And if I do it's for entertainment, not for leadership. I am proud to call you my Mentor. I love how your actually impacting the world and making a difference. I can't afford to donate money to great causes. But I do, do my part and it feels good. I can only imagine the immense feeling you get with the great charities you have helped.

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