HSBC: Stock Market COLLAPSE Ahead!

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Major international bank HSBC is warning with a “red alert” that several stock market fluctuations may be ahead in the developed world.
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And no, I’m not a “prepper” nor even an economic “doom and gloom” perma-bear. I was a contributor for mainstream outlets including Entrepreneur Magazine, Business Insider, and most recently Huffington Post. But the writing’s on the wall, and I like being an honest researcher: big banks and elites seem to think something horrific is ahead of us on the financial horizon. Even some historically anti-gold financial elites have been piling into the precious metal and companies related to it, according to various 2016 regulatory filings.

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Man Bro says:

Que huge bull market just a month later

saturn says:

its not going to happen you know all metoer warnings how many times did they try to predict it all failed and a tiny little house sized metoer hit nonsence iuseing this its probly gonna be a small crash not a crash so big its going to flush country down the toilet or anything like that it might but highly doubt it prove me wrong if you want to

771123261 اليمن اب Alhmdany says:

مساء النور والخير انا الشيرك اليمن من محافظة اب واسم عبد السلام محمد علي غالب الهمداني

Cat Cook says:

David: Do you know anything about the EU Times article stating that Hillary moved 1.8 billon to a Quatar bank? Can't find any other info except referring to that one source.

Matt Nelson says:

Actually you can thank LBJ for the fiat non gold standard dollar. During the vietnam war the government was borrowing so much money they diluted the dollar supply compared to the gold supply and other countries were cashing out gold from the country. You have to remember gold was pegged at $35 an ounce. Although Nixon did not stop the war until 1973, the impetus for the decoupling from the gold standard started with LBJ. Unlike WW2 when the government finance the war through war bonds and rationing of consumer products, they did not do that during the vietnam war and borrowed the money using the federal reserve. Nixon was no gem, but he had no other option but to decouple the dollar from gold. The reserves had gone from 21K tons of gold to 10K tons of gold and the reserves were hemoraging fast. However, in 1980 when the government had a chance to return to the gold standard when gold went over $800 they chose to continue the ponzi scheme of borrowing more and more. So we only have our government to blame for the $20 trillion of unpayable debt that will be the cause of the final bubble in our economy that can not be bailed out by anyone or any institution..

Webmicester Webman says:

You look like a floating head!

donbasuradenuevo says:

Yet another one? We've pretty much been in crises in the last 30 years. We have survived.

San Zan says:

Goldmoney has asked for my ID. I'm not comfortable with that. Have you provided it?

Erick Rodriguez says:

why all of u just dont die and leave this country to inteligent people

MissKitty52 says:


john sikokis says:

………oh yeah, and Hillary likes to wear women's clothing.  Shades of Herbert Hoover.

john sikokis says:

It's wonderful that someone who was courted by the Left and the Huffington Post has embraced the independent alternative media.  Thanks David.  Given the circumstances, your voice now carries a lot of weight.  Hopefully, more from the Left will join you in your efforts to seek the truth without any restrictions or political correctness.  Please take note that everything that David has stated here has always been voiced by the alternative, Libertarian independent media.  When you read this, hopefully you'll go deeper into the rabbit hole and investigate Mike Rivero and John Stadtmiller over at Republic Broadcasting  Network.  RBN.

ocast evo says:

Well it's because fiat money's interest can be easily increased or decreased. That way rich people have an urge to invest the money.

Dee Ess says:


Christine Daley says:

You have it wrong. We are FUNDING Isis, not trying to defeat them.

Anupam Sircar says:

Thanks David. Extremely insightful connection between lowered respect for the head of a State and its currency.

Timothy Ting says:

but President Bush was thrown a slipper during his last days in his office as well…

Nathalie Trees says:

Question- we all agree that media lies and colludes and we can see clearly regarding election. However, why do we than assume media is accurate in reporting this type of material? Why would hsbc cause a panic and warn people? Wouldn't that cause a bank run or bank trust issues? Collapse of 08, media was telling us all was well, until it wasn't. Just curious on thoughts how to vet media info/disinformation vs bias. Election, polls, economy = lies, bank fail= truth?

Barbara Burk says:

“I said to my soul, be still and wait without hope, for hope would be hope for the wrong thing; wait without love, for love would be love of the wrong thing; there is yet faith, but the faith and the love are all in the waiting. Wait without thought, for you are not ready for thought: So the darkness shall be the light, and the stillness the dancing.”

beck-weth beckweth says:

Don't forget Comey headed HSBC, they got in trouble for money laundering drug money. Don't buy everything coming out of their mouths. They have an agenda.

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