HUGE 2021 Stock Market CRASH Starting Now? 🚨

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Is the a huge 2021 stock market crash starting now? Or do we have some more time in this massive bull market? Watch the video for more!

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AK Fallible says:

Want to learn our step by step Fallible strategy to both protect and grow your money in the stock market? Check out our free training session here:

Michael Edgar says:

You are entering your blue period: a sell climax and short lived correction.

Sarz Ahmed says:

AK I was wondering if you or any of your viewers can help answer a simple question, can’t seem to find it on Google! Where do the Institutions, Banks and Fund Managers buy their Bitcoins from? Do they use exchanges like Coinbase and Gemini or directly via Blockchain or is it simply via a Index Fund, i.e Osprey or Greyscale, thanks in advance


Stock Market crash February 19th or 22nd 2021

Muzzammil Raza says:

When will the market start to rise? Any idea?

PowerOfTheMirror says:

AK is damn right about stop losses, we are not wired to accept loss. The temptation to move the stoploss down when things look bad is extreme and then when it keeps crashing lower you feel terrible. On the other hand sometimes it recovers and youre happy. But its all about winning on average, not guessing and stressing every time. Thats why a successful system/rules that works on average is important.

J J says:

You really should forget about the yt algo and drop these clickbait titles. There is no need. Test it out, just make some a/b tests to see if these clickbaity headlines make you significantly more clicks. You dispense solid info usually, so no need for hype.

Henry Ford says:

Picked up some TMQ today. I slacked on previous picks. Micron calls, POWW, GameStop in September. Big regrets. If only I had listened, I could have a 3 Dimensional girlfriend instead of a 2D one.
Thanks AK!

Brian Curran says:

Bull RUN 🏃‍♀️ continue more stimulus coming like 3 weeks

Babes Doce says:

If market crash gonna happen, I hope it happens soon so we can all move on!

Seek3n says:

This is crazy that put call ratio has been literally flat for 2 month

Dustin 9999 says:

Where is AK????
No kitchen, no bedroom, no jacked up doors, no music. What!!!!
Maybe he is in the future? Keep up the good work AK. I still love the kitchen with background music, but everything you produce I watch. I just need a little more mind training before I jump back in to market fully.

RichardsR7 JL says:

Sold 50% of my stock holdings for bitcoin yesterday. Sitting 30% cash, 50% bitcoin, 20% PM

OfGiants says:

Great video as always my man! I’ve been keeping an eye on uup and TLT..any thoughts on those

anothername says:

Good insights! Solid analysis, and well-presented.

Liked/subbed, and looking forward to exploring your other content.

Santiago Romero says:

Go back to three payments and im all in

Chewy Bacca89 says:

I’m buying Tesla at dips.

Pedro SNJ says:

Thank you, very much. I do appreciate every video you put here. Your messages guides my trading life the last years.

808 JuJu says:

you have to take the warren. buffet indicator and greed and fear index and out them over each other. once both are at extreme levels is when a crash will happen. rn greed is at. 60%. i. believe once fear reaches the levels of 80% is when the market will fall.

Jeff Thomas says:

I have to go back and check out those psychology videos. And that kitchen was 🔥. Everytime I see it, it reminds me of those "Billions" reviews. That's how I found your channel.

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