HUGE Russell Wilson Drama! | Storms Out, Gives Seahawks List Of Teams He Wants To Be Traded To

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Major Major says:

Is the NFL still around?

Jeremiah Glass Highlights says:

I respect him way more than watson tho

Harry Mills says:

Top-paid QBs are an anchor around their teams' necks. They want a great team, but they took too much money to PAY for a great team around them. I suppose it's good for parity, but I don't think it's good for the game. I'm a big Patrick Mahomes fan, but I'm not sure how long the Chiefs can remain competitive with his half-a-billion-dollar contract.

The Omega Man says:

I guarantee his wife is behind the trade request…

John Scott says:

Guess what Russell Wilson does not own the Seattle Seahawks or the NFL. So he can not demand where he's traded to. If he doesn't like where he gets traded just quit

Steven Hilderbrandt says:

I’ll take him on the ny Jets anytime of the day


LMFAO…… You are paid to play not be a coach…. You made your bed now sleep in it….. You don't like it in seattle then quit and sit out with no pay…..

Not a professional says:

He's always had a thing for New York. Giants and the Jets are out there. He could probably choose.

Jeremy Stanton says:

Dallas and Vegas have some serious talent he could use immediately. Both have plenty of players that are young but still have a few years of experience under their belts. But, I think Dallas would be the best option to hit the playoffs his first year.

Jimmy Christo says:

Throw the ball take ur 30 mill n stfu.

Jimmy Christo says:

More blm drama lmao c ya hes done 2 go woke go broke f off.

Ryan Stucke says:

Send him to the jets hahaha

d m says:

I like wilson but he seems to hold ball too long they're paying them too much $$$

Super Nova says:

I still think Wilson has some good Seasons left in him with the right team. I always thought he was an okay dude.

Darren Gray says:

He is not going anywhere

Prince of the Cats says:

Can he join the team of kapur Nick

Prince of the Cats says:

I'm from Seattle I could care less get your woke ass out here

New Yardley Sinclair says:

Maybe Jussie Smollet can make a comeback portraying Russell Wilson in a bio pic

QuadAces says:

He must be oppressed

will len says:


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