Huge Stock Market Crash to Strike us in the Future!

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Is there going to be another stock market crash? Andre Minassian, self-employed medium-term trader and businessman comments. There is going to be another crash; a world-changing crash – I have a figure in my head for no reason whatsoever; Dow Jones 42,000. So we are probably 20 to 25 years away; there won’t be the economic activity to match the money supply.


Truth Seeker says:

He is right

CityOf Angels says:

This man is brilliant- have seen him on Tv a few times and his market predictions since 2013 have been on the money

Arjun Singh says:

she looks like jada stevens.

Boomer Rang says:

Who's he referring to when saying 'they' fuck sake dj khaled right here

Boomer Rang says:

This guy should be an astrologer clueless

Boomer Rang says:

Is the guy for real ?

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