Human H.F.T. Scalping the Futures: Emini NQ Open With Chart Mojo: $500 + in 5 Min. Revised 10 19 18

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Random sample of Chart Mojo style, a Screen Capture test/demo preamble to presenting Chart Mojo Wave Force, Patterns (tweaked), Morph’s and Time Zone Theory.
For educational, documentary and entertainment purposes. I own no rights to the music by Michael Hedges from Wyndam Hill available at Itunes.
Caution: Trading is risky, one can lose all your $ and more. I don’t advise trading live until one puts in the *10,000 hours that is takes to master something. 5k hours of learning to see & understand the market & 5k hours of executing on a real time quality sim program until successful and ordering is instant and instinctive. Trading is not Investing. You are up against pro’s, Grand Master Traders w/ great experience, ability, tools, tech, platforms, fast connections, algo’s, A.I.’s etc, & low costs per trade. Some have elite pro gamer/Chess Master ability. 800 million people play chess and there are only 1500 Grand Masters. Imagine how many traders there are and how few are Masters and Grand Masters. These traders are harvesting, pulling money out of the market always. These pro’s are hunting stops, stepping in front of entries, exits, targets and taking advantage of and exploiting traders cognitive biases and ego’s. They are recognizing patterns and waves early and pushing them with momentum and then stepping in front of targets, buyers and sellers in ways you can’t imagine. They are warping and morphing natural tendencies, historical norm’s and general technical knowledge of the market to their advantage. The best pro gamer’s by far are in the markets. They are global & formidable. Fortunately the markets are huge and they can’t be everywhere. It’s difficult but not impossible to get in front of them in a trade.
* Herbert Simon studied chess masters and it showed that after thousands of hours of practice they came to see the pieces on the board differently from the rest of us. The same is true for Trading Masters. After thousands of hours, they see the market differently. Fast moving charts and dom’s yield cues that give masters access to information stored in memory and it allows them to act instantly. A Chess Grand Master has about 20,000 games in memory. A trading G.M. has thousands of price situations, patterns, morph’s, waves, etc. in memory. They are thinking many scalps out in front of most pulling $ out of the market to them. The market often looks random to most, but not to them. Would you put up $ to play chess against a grand master?..a pro golfer, or pro poker player? Would one expect to win? That’s what its like when you enter the market. It helps to find the market’s fascinating and take a long term time frame to learn. Think of how much time, effort and ability it takes to get a P.H.D. Imagine you’re getting your degree in trading. The risk starts when you enter the market so why rush it without the proper preparation. Entering the market is like repelling out of a helicopter into a firefight. You want to be prepared, have the best training, ability and technology (equipment) etc. It’s helps to stay frosty, alert and respond instantly to what is happening. If x occurs do x1, if y occurs do y1.
Law of Species Biology: Observe, adapt, evolve or perish. Same goes for traders.
The species that did that survived, those that didn’t perished. Traders see things differently over time and their opinions/methods on how to trade will change as well. Opinions on how to trade are snapshots in time based on how traders are “seeing” the markets at the time. Know that they will/should evolve, just as the markets do. It’s not that any “method” is right or wrong. What is key is using the right technique or strategy at the right time.
J.S. C. M.
p.s. The hum won’t be in future vids. The cyan blue lines are Donchian channels for near support/resistance. There is also a zig zag giving stats on higher high/lows etc. Using a dual Zeon workstation w 32k ram w 4 monitors. Playback at .5 speed may be helpful to see whats going on. The vid’s Chicago time.
*1. Malcomb Gladwell from the book “Outliers”.
* 2. Paraphrased from “Fast Thinking, Slow Thinking” by Daniel Kahneman
Wins/Losses are randomly distributed within the probabilities of your edge. When the market is in a High Probability Zone I increase trade size and frequency. Order execution is intuitive and instant after 10’s of thousands. I practice trades pre-market like a golfer does swings, or a batter. On the open initially I’m looking for mini ranges, breaks and then price structure to trade off of. Patterns and waves are everywhere, fractal, often tweaked bullish or bearish. They shift thru time frames. Some time zones and pattern morphs have higher probabilities. I look for the force or surges behind the waves. I try to be with the price, do what it does, not the bias in my head. I trade price action and indicators are just for after signal confirmation. One should know whats to unfold ahead of any indicator and where the orders are sitting.


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